David Chemerow

Chief Financial Officer

David Chemerow is the Chief Financial Officer of comScore. Mr. Chemerow served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Rentrak prior to the company’s merger with comScore in January 2016.

David has a solid foundation in finance and operations, with more than 35 years spent in the field. Prior to joining Rentrak, David served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Olympus Media LLC, an outdoor advertising company.

David also served as Chief Operating Officer of ADcom Information Services, Inc., a TV measurement company, and Chief Operating Officer of GT Interactive Software Corp., a computer games publisher.

David was the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. until it was sold in 2011. He previously served as Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations and Chief Financial Officer for the company. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Dunham’s Athleisure Corp., a sporting goods retailer.