The results of our projects
have a clear and strong impact.

After graduating with a PhD in Bioinformatics, I knew that I had multiple career options ahead of me. While interviewing at comScore, it became clear that my background in statistics, machine learning, and computer science is highly applicable to the field of market research.

Prior to attending graduate school, I worked for a small-size company (20 engineers) and interned at a large global corporation (1000+). At the small-size company, I enjoyed dynamic projects with fast turn-around time, client interactions, and generally having diverse responsibilities. However, my work had limited impact on the industry and was difficult to grow on a global scale. At the large corporation, I observed that projects were generally slower and had more overhead, but the eventual results had the potential of global impact. After joining the stats team at comScore, I found that comScore combines the positive aspects of my previous work experiences. Responsibilities in the stats team span various domains from statistical modeling to client interactions, and from generating analytics reports to educating other internal teams on different topics. The results of our projects have a clear and strong impact in changing how the global industry reports and treats digital measurements.

The projects that we have tackled in the stats team are visible throughout the company and affect the core business of comScore. The complexity of our projects vary from applying regression models that can predict unobserved demographics to experimenting with Support Vector Machines that can model the likelihood of a user to change their Internet Service Provider. With television penetrating the digital space and internet access available on multiple platforms, we are taking on new challenges in combining measurements across platforms using new and innovative methods. These methods have resulted in a number of patents and have put comScore at the leading edge of multi-platform analytics. comScore gives every member of the team opportunities to lead and own projects. This has allowed me to not only further develop my technical skills, but also strengthen my leadership role and excel in my career.