Message from the CEO

Throughout history, a few disruptive technologies have changed the world. The alphabet, for example, gave birth to civilization; the printing press to educated societies; and navigation to the discovery of new worlds. Today, a more exciting and disruptive technology is reshaping the world. The Internet is changing the way we live and will define mankind for centuries to come.

Serge Matta

We now live in a world where people download, search, tweet, blog, stream, IM, tag, and text across all types of devices – PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TV. They connect with people nearby and around the globe. And they use the Internet for everyday activities such as shopping, sharing pictures, banking and paying bills.

comScore was created in 1999 to measure how consumers use the Internet in these ways – and more. We were the first to figure out how to measure each of these Internet-powered technologies and their impact on consumers, the market and the world. We are still the scorekeepers in the biggest technology era of all time.

comScore continues to be uniquely positioned as an internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world – and turns that information into insights and actions for our clients to maximize the value of their digital investments.

Our data and technology are well-established crucial components in measuring and analyzing the rapidly evolving digital world, and are widely deployed at a broad range of publishers, enterprises, agencies and mobile operators, both in the US and internationally.

comScore big data and software capabilities extend our market opportunity well beyond measurement into analytics focused on maximizing the value of digital assets — by combining both client internal data as well as comScore’s proprietary data, all to deliver actionable, and more and more, real-time predictive analytics to help our customers achieve their mission.

As the Internet and digital technology force the world to re-think every aspect of business, comScore is at the center of these changes, measuring consumers' behavior and attitudes - and analyzing the implications for many of the world's largest marketers, who are our clients.

It is an awesome privilege to be part of awesome responsibility...and an awesome opportunity.

We need people who can think big and are ready to explore and define the next great frontier.

Join us.

- Serge Matta, CEO, comScore, Inc.

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