Training Opportunities For Our Recent Graduates

As a recent college graduate hired by comScore, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic, employee-driven training program which will prepare you for your role within the company. Interactive presentations, group projects, and open discussions with company leaders will immediately give you the tools you need to achieve success. In addition to formal new employee training, comScore periodically conducts in-house seminars for management and leadership training.

What's best is that you will be training alongside managers and mentors, many of whom started their careers at comScore as recent graduates, just like yourself.

“All I knew before I began comScore’s College New Hire training was to be there at 9 a.m. Two weeks later, at “comScore graduation”, I had extensive knowledge of the company structure, culture and our products, and had gotten to meet at least a hundred of my coworkers – from my peers up through our CEO.

Without a doubt, comScore’s College New Hire program is an exceptional way to ease the transition from college into the work force. It is very rare for a company to give you two weeks of training to ensure that you’re comfortable and knowledge-empowered in your new environment, but comScore makes that investment.

The training program also creates an immediate camaraderie within your New Hire Class, providing you with an immediate circle of friends and peers across all teams within the company.”

- Julia Foran, New Hire Class of 2009 and Head of College New Hire Training, 2011

Just some of our interactive training sessions:

Introduction to comScore
Overview of comScore Panel
Product overview
Vertical overview
Introduction to Data Streams
comScore... you made it through the interview process and got the job, so you must know something about the company, right? In this first session of New Hire Training, we’ll bring in a senior executive to tell you about the company’s origins, how it’s growing and evolving, and what the future will hold.
Mobile Products and Consulting
SQL overview
Client Management
Introduction to Surveys
Effective use of Excel and PowerPoint

After all of that learning and job immersion, we make sure that our recent graduate employees have time for fun and bonding too. During your training, you'll have a chance to mix and mingle with other new hires and employees at barbecues, kickball and softball games and other social events.

Some friendly kickball competition Getting to know the neighbors The San Francisco team enjoys some bonding in Napa
Some friendly kickball competition Getting to know the neighbors The San Francisco team enjoys some bonding in Napa

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