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Presentation Aug. 9, 2012 | Share

Pixels, Patients and Prevention: How Today’s Consumers Are Using the Internet to Manage their Health

This presentation explores the growth in online health information consumption over the past few years across search, video, and mobile communications using audience measuring tools. This data is used to provide insight into the use of the Internet for health-related activities from the perspective of various audiences. Read more

Blog Feb. 9, 2012 | Share

How the Next Generation Consumes Online Health

Today’s generation of teenagers and young adults represents a unique class of Internet users, born with the web at their fingertips and an innate ability to navigate it with agility. For this generation, the Internet was not a new technology upending other modes of communication – it was the norm. Most grew up learning to seek out information primarily... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 16, 2012 | Share

Mobile Health Information Audience Jumps 125 Percent in the Past Year

Accessed Health information via Mobile Device

The audience accessing health information content on their mobile device is on the rise in the U.S., quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing content categories. Read more

Blog Aug. 15, 2011 | Share

Despite Reports of Decline, Health Websites Retain Popularity

Are online health websites really experiencing a slowdown in visitation? Contrary to recent survey findings reporting a decline, comScore shows that overall visitation to health websites has never been stronger. Ever since consumers gained unprecedented access to a wealth of information on the Internet, the demand for health and pharmaceutical information... Read more

Data Gem Aug. 15, 2011 | Share

Health Sites Reach 2 in 3 Americans Monthly

Trend US Unique Visitors to Online Health Sites

Over the past three years, Health sites have seen a significant increase in visitation in the U.S. that outpaces even the growth of the Internet. In June 2011, 139.1 million unique visitors went to Health sites - up 60 percent from 86.9 million visitors three years ago. In contrast, visitation to the Internet has only grown 13 percent for the U.S. online... Read more

Press Release Apr. 19, 2010 | Share

comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top-Growing Properties and Site Categories for March 2010

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released its monthly analysis of U.S. Web activity at the top-growing properties and site categories for March 2010 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix service. Automaker discounts and incentives compelled millions of Americans to visit auto manufacturer sites to seek information and investigate possible... Read more

Whitepaper Aug. 3, 2009 | Share

comScore Case Study: Medline Plus - National Library of Medicine, NIH

MedlinePlus reached out to comScore for specialized reports on their website’s visitation metrics, user engagement, market sizing, and health categories and other therapeutic areas, as compared to private sector and other public sector organizations in the online health information space. Read more

Press Release Sep. 9, 2008 | Share

Online Health Information Category Grows At Rate Four Times Faster Than Total Internet

RESTON, VA, September 9, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released results of a study showing that the health information site category has grown 21 percent during the past year – more than four times the growth rate of the total U.S. Internet population. Read more

Press Release Apr. 10, 2008 | Share

Pregnancy and Cancer Top the List of the Most Commonly Searched Health Conditions

RESTON, VA, April 10, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released a listing of the 20 most commonly searched health conditions as well as the 15 most commonly searched prescription brands in February 2008. The results, from comScore’s custom search capability, revealed that the terms “pregnancy” and “cancer” were the two most frequently... Read more

Blog Feb. 4, 2008 | Share

My Davos Moments

I thought I’d share my “Davos Moments” with you, when what I witnessed was so powerful I got chills. One session alone spawned three such moments. Read more