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Data Gem Jul. 31, 2012 | Share

Day 3: comScore at the Games

143 million people around the world watched an average of just under 20 videos each in June 2012. Read more

Data Gem Jul. 30, 2012 | Share

Day 2: comScore at the Games

Day 2: comScore at the Games

Visitors to sports sites increased by 23% over the past year to 655 million global visitors in June 2012. Read more

Data Gem Jul. 27, 2012 | Share

comScore at the Games

comScore at the Games

comScore is providing free data snacks around the Games, to keep the industry up-to-date. Check back every day for an updated graphic showing global online and mobile behavioural patterns and how these might be affected by one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Read more

Data Gem Jun. 27, 2012 | Share

Spanish Most Engaged with Sports Sites in Europe

Top European Markets for Sport Site

In May 2012, 189.3 million European internet users visited Sports websites and spent an average of 52.2 minutes on sites such as Yahoo! Sports, BBC Sport, or Spain ranked as the country with the highest engagement per visitor with 13.5 million Spanish users spending an average of 98.2 minutes on Sports sites during the month. People in... Read more

Data Gem Feb. 3, 2012 | Share

Smartphones Score a Touchdown with Sports Fans

Accessed Sports Information From Smartphone

As Americans gear up for Super Bowl XLVI, mobile devices are poised to play an important role in this year's big event with apps offering real-time stats, commercial playbacks and even live streaming of the game offered through the NFL mobile app in partnership with Verizon. Read more

Data Gem Nov. 25, 2011 | Share Sees Surge in Traffic Across Continents

Unique Visitors

The 2011 Rugby World Cup, held in New Zealand, attracted a lot of attention online. saw the largest share of traffic during September 2011 across the 5 continents, with the most traffic coming from Europe (1.6 million visitors in September 2011). However, when looking at the reach of across all countries, New Zealand... Read more

Data Gem Jul. 21, 2011 | Share

Top 10 Global Sports Markets

Top 10 Markets Reach of Sports Sites

Online sports content appeals to audiences across the globe. Analysis of top online sports markets based on the percentage of users that visited the Sports category showed that the U.S. led markets in May 2011. During the month, 70.7% of U.S. online users age 15 and older visited a sports site from a home or work computer. Ireland closely followed... Read more

Blog Jul. 20, 2011 | Share

Could the Lack of an NFL Resolution 'Lock Out' Display Ad Revenue for

Among the top 3 U.S. sports league sites (, and, attracted the greatest number of unique visitors during its most recent active season, who were in turn exposed to a significant volume of display advertising on the site. During the 2010-2011 playing season, averaged more than 16 million monthly ad-exposed unique... Read more

Blog Feb. 4, 2011 | Share

Scoring with Super Bowl Advertising: Why Google’s “Parisian Love” Was One of 2010’s Best Ads

Super Bowl ads are known as the pinnacle of creativity and entertainment in advertising. Given their vast reach among an audience eager to see and hear what advertisers have to say, the Super Bowl provides a unique and valuable opportunity for marketers, something certainly reflected in the cost of advertising slots (a 30-second slot this year will... Read more

Blog Jul. 8, 2010 | Share

Fútbol Fever - Latin Americans’ World Cup Excitement Plays out on

World Cup interest continued to intensify around the globe through the end of June. Traffic to reached a global high on Tuesday, June 22 as the end of group play revealed which teams would advance to the next round. More than 8.7 million people visited the official World Cup destination that day, representing 1.3% of the entire global Internet... Read more