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Press Release Oct. 10, 2007 | Share

61 Billion Searches Conducted Worldwide in August

RESTON, VA, October 10, 2007 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released the first comprehensive study of worldwide search activity, based on data from its qSearch 2.0 service. comScore qSearch 2.0 offers the first panoramic worldwide view of online search activity, providing granular, in-depth analysis of the search universe reported from the... Read more

Blog Oct. 9, 2007 | Share

A Metric for Every Reason

Much has been written about how new Internet technologies are making page view measurement less relevant when comparing consumer interaction with different Web sites. Many parties suggest replacing the page view with a measure of engagement. Read more

Press Release Oct. 8, 2007 | Share

E-Servicing Activity Increases Traffic to Auto Insurance Sites

RESTON, VA, October 8, 2007 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released the results of a study of online servicing of auto insurance policies, which revealed that e-servicing activity climbed 15 percent in the second quarter of 2007, more than twice the rate of growth in total visits to the auto insurer sites included in the analysis. E-servicing, which... Read more

Press Release Oct. 8, 2007 | Share

comScore Announces Preliminary Third Quarter 2007 Financial Results

RESTON, VA, October 8, 2007 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global leader in measuring the digital world, today announced preliminary results for the quarter ended September 30, 2007. Read more

Blog Oct. 5, 2007 | Share

IAB and MRC Work Together to Draft Audience Reach Definition Guidelines

The IAB and the MRC are working on a document with the working title, IAB Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines. The arduous work of crafting and wordsmithing is going on under the auspices of the IAB Audience Measurement Work Group, and the leadership of MRC Executive Director George Ivie (he’s the guy putting pen to paper). Read more

Blog Oct. 4, 2007 | Share

ARF Holds Kickoff Meeting for Online Research Quality Council (ORQC)

Much has been written in recent weeks about client concerns over the quality of market research work conducted using online “access panels.” (That’s the term popular in Europe, describing an online panel from which survey respondents may be drawn.) Concern seems centered on two key issues: (1) the problem of so-called “professional respondents;”... Read more

Blog Oct. 3, 2007 | Share

comScore Begins MRC Audit

The Media Rating Council (MRC) was founded in 1964 as an outgrowth of congressional hearings, with the mandate of auditing and accrediting audience measurement companies in the US. They accredit Nielsen TV ratings, Arbitron radio ratings, MRI’s magazine ratings, and Scarborough’s newspaper ratings, among others. Read more

Blog Oct. 2, 2007 | Share

News From the Research Trenches

I joined comScore as Chief Research officer on May 30, but this is my first post to the comScore blog. I’ve spent a lot of time these past three months meeting with clients and working with industry groups (e.g., MRC, IAB, and ARF), hearing first hand about your perspective on the hot issues in Internet audience measurement and online metrics. As... Read more

Press Release Oct. 1, 2007 | Share

comScore Announces New Interactive Search Intelligence Service

RESTON, VA, October 1, 2007 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced the launch of comScore Marketer, a new interactive search intelligence service that enables search marketers and Web site operators to benchmark their performance versus competitors and optimize the ROI from their search marketing efforts. Read more

Press Release Sep. 28, 2007 | Share

comScore Confirms Initiation of MRC Audit, The Next Phase in MRC Accreditation of comScore Media Metrix Panel

RESTON, VA, September 28, 2007 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced that it has formally entered into an agreement with the Media Rating Council (MRC) to move forward with an MRC audit of the U.S. Media Metrix online audience measurement service, the next step in gaining MRC accreditation of the comScore Media Metrix panel. The first phase... Read more