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Press Release Apr. 16, 2007 | Share

comScore Reports Increasing Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Online Banking as Industry Matures and Competition Heats Up

comScore today released the results of its annual online banking study, which revealed that the U.S. online banking population grew 9.5 percent in 2006 versus the previous year, compared to double-digit increases in 2005 (27 percent) and 2004 (47 percent). While aggregate growth has dropped into the single-digits, several individual banks experienced... Read more

Press Release Apr. 16, 2007 | Share

Cookie-Based Counting Overstates Size of Web Site Audiences

RESTON, Va., April 16, 2007 – comScore today released the results of a study analyzing the validity of using cookie-based data to measure the number of unique visitors to individual Web sites or to gauge the number of unique users that were served an ad by an ad server. The study, based on an analysis of 400,000 home PC’s included in comScore’s... Read more

Press Release Apr. 12, 2007 | Share

comScore Reports 58 Percent Annual Growth in Auto Insurance Policies Purchased Online in 2006

RESTON, VA, April 12, 2007 – comScore, Inc. today released the results of a study of online auto insurance activity, which revealed that 2006 represented a tipping point in the adoption of the Internet for auto insurance purchases. The Internet channel has been critical in supporting insurance research during the past few years, with price-conscious... Read more

Blog Apr. 10, 2007 | Share

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Welcome to my first posting on comScore Voices. Here, I’ll take the opportunity to discuss topics and provide information that I hope will be relevant – and valuable – to anyone who is keenly interested in the continued development of the Internet as a powerful platform for consumers and marketers alike. I’ll also share some of the more important... Read more

Press Release Apr. 5, 2007 | Share Most Popular Among Younger and African-American Audiences; Attracts Visitors from Higher-Income Households

RESTON, VA, April 5, 2007 – comScore today released the results of a study on visitation to the Web sites of top 2008 Democratic presidential contenders Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL). The study revealed several interesting differences between the visitor bases to their respective campaign Web sites, giving some insight... Read more

Press Release Apr. 2, 2007 | Share

comScore, Inc. Files Registration for Initial Public Offering of Common Stock

RESTON, VA, April 2, 2007 – comScore, Inc. today announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission relating to the proposed initial public offering of its common stock. The offered shares will be sold by comScore and certain of its stockholders. Read more

Press Release Mar. 21, 2007 | Share

‘Primetime’ U.S. Video Streaming Activity Occurs on Weekdays Between 5-8 P.M.

RESTON, VA, March 21, 2007 – comScore, a leader in digital media measurement, today released the latest data on the U.S. streaming video market from its Video Metrix service. In January, nearly 123 million people in the U.S. (70 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience) viewed 7.2 billion videos online. The average video streamer viewed 59 streams... Read more

Press Release Mar. 14, 2007 | Share

comScore Announces New “Visits” Metric For Measuring User Engagement

RESTON, VA, March 14, 2007 – comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for February 2007 and introduced a new suite of metrics based on site “visits.” The “visits” metric, defined as the number of times a unique person accesses content within a Web entity with... Read more

Press Release Mar. 5, 2007 | Share

comScore Accurately Predicts Q4 2006 Retail E-Commerce Sales Within 3 Percent of U.S. Department Of Commerce Estimates

RESTON, VA, March 5, 2007 – comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today reported that its U.S. e-commerce sales estimates for the fourth quarter of 2006 were once again closely aligned with the U.S. Department of Commerce estimates. comScore data show that online non-travel (“retail”) spending, excluding event tickets but... Read more

Press Release Feb. 27, 2007 | Share

Bank of America Achieves Highest Adoption of Online Bill Pay Among Leading Banks, According to comScore Networks

RESTON, VA, February 27, 2007 – comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today released the results of a study analyzing usage of online bill payment services at leading banks. Bank bill pay is defined as paying a bill online from a checking, savings, or money market account using the functionality in the bill pay portion of the... Read more