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Press Release Nov. 30, 2007 | Share

YouTube Continues to Lead U.S. Online Video Market with 28 Percent Market Share, According to comScore Video Metrix

RESTON, VA, November 30, 2007 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released its comScore Video Metrix report for September 2007, revealing that nearly 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched a video online (including both streaming video and progressive downloads), averaging three hours of video per person during the month. Google Sites, which includes... Read more

Blog Oct. 5, 2007 | Share

IAB and MRC Work Together to Draft Audience Reach Definition Guidelines

The IAB and the MRC are working on a document with the working title, IAB Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines. The arduous work of crafting and wordsmithing is going on under the auspices of the IAB Audience Measurement Work Group, and the leadership of MRC Executive Director George Ivie (he’s the guy putting pen to paper). Read more

Press Release Sep. 12, 2007 | Share

U.S. Viewers Watched an Average of 3 Hours of Online Video in July

RESTON, VA, September 12, 2007 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released its comScore Video Metrix report for July 2007, revealing that nearly 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched an average of three hours of online video during the month. Google Sites topped the July rankings with both the most unique video viewers and most videos viewed. Read more

Press Release Jun. 26, 2007 | Share

Video-Sharing Sites Jockey for Position in U.S.

comScore today released a study from its comScore Video Metrix service of U.S. video streaming activity at a selection of up-and-coming video-sharing sites. The study examined six video-sharing sites that did not make comScore’s ranking of the top 10 U.S. video properties for the month and reveals that French site had a particularly... Read more

Press Release Jun. 5, 2007 | Share

Google Sites Ranked by comScore as Top U.S. Video Property in March 2007

comScore today released its comScore Video Metrix rankings for March 2007, showing Google Sites as the top U.S. streaming video property with 57.4 million unique people streaming (“streamers”) and 1.2 billion video streams initiated. drove the lion’s share of the video streaming activity at the Google Sites property with 53.5 million... Read more

Press Release Mar. 21, 2007 | Share

‘Primetime’ U.S. Video Streaming Activity Occurs on Weekdays Between 5-8 P.M.

RESTON, VA, March 21, 2007 – comScore, a leader in digital media measurement, today released the latest data on the U.S. streaming video market from its Video Metrix service. In January, nearly 123 million people in the U.S. (70 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience) viewed 7.2 billion videos online. The average video streamer viewed 59 streams... Read more

Press Release Oct. 11, 2006 | Share

comScore Data Confirms Reports of 100 Million Worldwide Daily Video Streams from in July 2006

RESTON, VA, October 11, 2006 – comScore Media Metrix, a leader in digital media measurement, today announced the results of an analysis of worldwide video streaming activity from, confirming that an average of 100 million video streams were served per day in July 2006. Read more

Press Release May. 23, 2006 | Share

Online Video Confirmed as an Effective Vehicle for Reaching the Male 25-34 Segment

RESTON, VA, May 23, 2006 – comScore Networks today released an analysis based on its newly launched Video Metrix service, the first-ever monthly reporting of consumer video consumption of both content and ads across the Web along with the demographic characteristics of video viewers. Among notable trends was the marked increase in the number of consumers... Read more

Press Release Mar. 31, 2006 | Share

comScore Data Show Heavy Work-Based Viewing of “CBS March Madness On Demand™ Streaming Video”

RESTON, VA, March 31, 2006 – comScore Media Metrix today announced the results of their analysis of viewing of live video streams during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. In their inaugural offering of completely free, live online content, CBS SportsLine, CBS Sports and the NCAA teamed up to broadcast live Internet video for the first three... Read more