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Press Release Mar. 7, 2008 | Share

Happy Anniversary, M:Metrics!

SEATTLE, Wash March 7, 2008 — Today, M:Metrics celebrates the third anniversary of its launch and inaugural Benchmark Report. The measurement firm reports explosive growth over the past three years, in clients, services, geographies, technologies and methodologies. Read more

Press Release Mar. 6, 2008 | Share

M:Metrics Launches First Mobile Advertising Tracking Services in The UK

SEATTLE, Wash March 6, 2008 — M: Metrics, the mobile media authority, today unveiled M:Ad, its competitive tracking service for mobile advertising, in the United Kingdom, revealing the first definitive metrics for measuring mobile advertising inventory. The measurement firm reports that online retail companies such as Electronic Arts, Glu and Ebay... Read more

Press Release Mar. 4, 2008 | Share

Number of U.S. Computers Accessing the Internet Via Mobile Broadband Soars 154 Percent in 2007

RESTON, VA, March 4, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released the results of a study of U.S. Internet usage via mobile broadband. The study examined the usage and characteristics of mobile broadband users through data collected from computers where Internet access via mobile broadband Internet service providers (ISPs) occurred. Mobile... Read more

Press Release Feb. 19, 2008 | Share

M:Metrics Reports Mixed Fortunes For Mobile Games Industry

SEATTLE, Wash February 19, 2008 — While more people are playing mobile games than ever before, the percentage of people downloading a new game did not increase over the past year in the United States and Western Europe, reports M:Metrics, the mobile media authority. Read more

Press Release Feb. 11, 2008 | Share

Mobile Media Users are More Responsive to Advertising and Provide Opportunities For Building Unique Coverage

LONDON February 11, 2008 — BMRB and M:Metrics debuted data from TGI M:Metrics, which incorporates BMRB’s TGI data with M:Metrics’ mobile audience metrics and allows examination of behaviours of consumers across mobile, online and offline media. Read more

Press Release Feb. 9, 2008 | Share

M:Metrics Now Measuring China, The World’s Largest Mobile Market

SEATTLE, Wash February 9, 2008 — M:Metrics, the mobile media authority, today announced the first large-scale study of mobile media consumption in China, the world’s largest mobile market. According to M:Metrics’ December Benchmark Survey, mobile entertainment is popular among the Chinese, with an astonishing 34.8 percent reporting they listened... Read more

Press Release Jan. 15, 2008 | Share

M:Metrics Reports Growth In Mobile Music Adoption

SEATTLE, Wash January 15, 2008 — The rise in music phones has spurred adoption of mobile music consumption across the United States and Western Europe, reports M:Metrics, the mobile media authority. The firm reports that sideloading accounts for 83 percent of mobile music usage across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United... Read more

Press Release Nov. 26, 2007 | Share

As Operators Deck the Halls With New Mobile Phone Promotions, M:Metrics Reports Device Sales and Satisfaction Metrics

SEATTLE, Wash November 26, 2007 — Mobile phones are popular holiday gifts, with more consumers acquiring a new mobile in December than any other month, reports M:Metrics, the mobile media authority. The measurement firm revealed for the first time today its historical device sales and satisfaction data in the United States and Europe, and found that... Read more

Press Release Apr. 23, 2007 | Share

comScore Study Reveals that Mobile TV Currently Most Popular Among Males and Younger Age Segments

RESTON, VA, April 23, 2007 – comScore today released the results of a study analyzing Americans’ usage of, and attitudes toward, Mobile TV, which is defined as television watched via a mobile phone device (either live or on-demand). The study, based on a survey of more than 2,000 mobile phone users, revealed that nearly two out of three Mobile... Read more

Press Release Jan. 22, 2007 | Share

Consumers in the 18-to-24 Age Segment View Cell Phones as Multi-Functional Accessories; Crave Advanced Features and Personalization Options

RESTON, VA. January 22, 2007 – comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today released a study of wireless consumer segments, the second in a two-part series that analyzes trends in the wireless industry. Based on a survey of U.S. consumers who use a wireless phone, this report analyzes differences in behavior and attitudes among... Read more