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Data Gem Aug. 28, 2013 | Share

Apps Drive Smartphone Engagement, Browsing Wins on Tablets

Share of Retail Time Spent bt Platform & Access Method

Digital consumers rely on both apps and mobile browsing when engaging with retailers online, but this engagement varies greatly depending on device. While apps drive the vast majority (78% of time spent) of retail category engagement on smartphones, mobile web browsing is actually the preferred engagement method for tablet users in the category (56%... Read more

Blog Aug. 27, 2013 | Share

5 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Mobile Commerce

5 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Mobile Commerce

Despite the undeniable surge in adoption of smartphones and tablets over the past five years, until recently any talk of the impending tidal wave of mobile commerce (m-commerce) has mostly been overstated. As we often see with forecasts about emerging technologies, a sense of irrational exuberance can cause predictions to get out ahead of the realities... Read more

Press Release Aug. 27, 2013 | Share

comScore Announces Availability of U.S. Mobile Commerce Sales Estimates by Product Category and Leading Individual Retailer

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced the availability of Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) sales estimates by product category occurring on both smartphones and tablets. This new capability aligns with comScore’s existing e-commerce sales estimates, enabling retailers, marketers, publishers and financial services companies to gain insight into... Read more

Presentation Aug. 22, 2013 | Share

Marketing in an Age of Social Mobility

Social Networks: PC & Mobile Share of Minutes

comScore Chairman and Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni describes how social and mobile are changing consumer media habits. The presentation includes a review of the consumers path to purchase, key trends in social networking and mobile, as well as where we’re heading from here. Read more

Blog Aug. 22, 2013 | Share

2013 Digital Future in Focus Series

In 2012, the digital landscape underwent a sea of change as areas such as search, social, online advertising, mobile and e-commerce each experienced dynamic shifts and disruptions. To guide you in navigating this Brave New Digital World, comScore presents its annual Digital Future in Focus series of global reports which provide industry-leading insights... Read more

Whitepaper Aug. 22, 2013 | Share

2013 India Digital Future in Focus

2013 India Digital Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2013 Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus, its report highlighting prevailing trends in web usage, online video, search, social media and e-commerce. Read more

Presentation Aug. 21, 2013 | Share

Digital Analytics: A Thirty Year Retrospective

Digital Analytics A Thirty Year Retrospective

comScore Chairman and Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni takes us back through time to show how the early roots of “big data” and “analytics” began in the 1970’s, and how they’re transforming today with the explosion of digital and mobile platforms. Read more

Blog Aug. 19, 2013 | Share

There's a $20 Billion Pot of Gold at the End of the Mobile Advertising Rainbow

Smartphones and tablets have nearly doubled the time we're online in the past three years.

Big data may be king these days, but a strong narrative can help ideas resonate and spur action. Here is the story to tell of why mobile will begin to effectively monetize, as told in three acts. Read more

Data Gem Aug. 19, 2013 | Share

Video Consumption via Smartphone is Increasing Rapidly in EU5 Countries

Growth of Smartphone Users Watching Video or TV EU5

The video landscape in Europe is changing. The percentage of EU5 (Spain, Germany, Italy, France and UK) smartphone users that watched a video or TV via their device, at least once in a month, has increased 112 percent over the past year to 52.8 million smartphone users (representing 34.8 percent of the EU5 audience) in June 2013. Read more

Whitepaper Aug. 16, 2013 | Share

UK Digital Market Overview August 2013

44.6m Britons surfed the web via their PC in June 2013, over 37m viewed video content online (+1.2% on May) and over 28.6m users browsed on-network via their mobile phone. Read more