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Blog Apr. 22, 2010 | Share

A Look Back at the Digital Year in Canada

Last week comScore released the Canada 2009 Digital Year in Review, a report covering the top trends that have shaped the Canadian digital media landscape in the past year, as well as a look ahead to what will be important to the industry throughout 2010. The report analyzes overarching trends including Internet usage and engagement, online advertising,... Read more

Blog Apr. 9, 2010 | Share

Four Times Zero Is Still Zero

I recently moderated a panel at OMMA Global San Francisco titled "Will Online Advertising Ever Deliver on the Promise of Precision?" The panel discussion focused on the growing use of data in identifying and buying targeted audiences. The session was prompted by a post on Metrics Insider authored by Michael Andrew, Director of Search and Analytics... Read more

Blog Mar. 31, 2010 | Share

The Varying Impact of Ad Frequency in the Digital Environment

Last week at the annual ARF Re:Think conference in New York, Hernan Lopez, President of .Fox Networks, and I presented an analysis of four ad campaigns run on the .Fox Network in the U.K that were evaluated using the comScore AdEffx™ platform. One of the campaigns used only video ads, one used a combination of video and display, while two campaigns... Read more

Blog Mar. 29, 2010 | Share

Four Ways to Improve Display Advertising

Last week I spoke at the annual ARF Re:Think Conference on the topic of how to improve the monetization of display ads. It’s a common refrain in our industry that, despite the many virtues of the Internet, on a relative basis digital ad spending continues to lag other media. While consumers spend more than 20% of their media consumption time online,... Read more

Whitepaper Feb. 26, 2010 | Share

The comScore Data Passport - First Half 2010

From emerging markets to converging media, comScore is the global source of digital market intelligence that truly measures the digital world. This data passport offers a brief glimpse into the vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal. Read more

Blog Feb. 15, 2010 | Share

ARS Findings for Retailers: Focus on Advertising Creative Can Yield Big Dividends

Hello, my name is Frank Findley and I’m the VP Research at ARSgroup, which just this past week was acquired by comScore. ARSgroup is a leading communications research agency specializing in the measurement of advertising persuasion for TV and multi-media campaigns and helping many of the world’s largest brands in the consumer goods, pharmaceuticals,... Read more

Blog Jan. 19, 2010 | Share

Advertising Effectiveness 101

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching Advertising Effectiveness 101 as part of the IAB professional development series. I've taught a few of these before and every time I come away more pumped up about the opportunities ahead for our industry. If you aren't familar with the program the IAB gives certification to people new to the industry who complete... Read more

Blog Jan. 5, 2010 | Share

The Click and Affiliate Marketing

Yesterday, Fred Wilson posted some extremely interesting observations that relate to the problem of using clicks on referral links to measure attribution and assign credit to affiliates for referrals. Fred’s conclusion is that using clicks fails to give affiliates full credit for the value of their referrals. As you can imagine, Fred’s post resonated... Read more

Blog Dec. 1, 2009 | Share

Guaranteed Audience Buys: What's Promised Isn't Always What's Delivered

One of the promises of the Internet is the ability to target an exact individual. After all, unlike radio or TV, where messages are simultaneously broadcast to a broad audience, online advertising is served one impression at a time. Theoretically, if you know who the user is, you can perfectly target your message, or choose not to deliver it at all.... Read more