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Blog Aug. 3, 2011 | Share

AdXpose + comScore: A Gamechanger for Online Advertising Measurement

comScore is very excited to announce today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AdXpose, a leader in ad verification, optimization and brand safety. Consistent with comScore’s track record of leadership and innovation, the acquisition of AdXpose, combined with comScore’s existing Campaign Essentials product, will enable the... Read more

Blog Jul. 11, 2011 | Share

Staying Ahead of Invalid Traffic in Digital Audience Measurement

Since the dawn of the Internet, spam has been one of the most prevalent issues plaguing legitimate digital businesses. This persistent pest exists in a variety of very familiar forms, such as email, link and search spam. In comScore’s business of measuring the digital world, we have recently encountered new varieties of spam affecting digital audience... Read more

Blog Mar. 17, 2011 | Share

Oscar Efforts Successfully Court Younger Demographics Online

In yet another effort to court a younger demographic, Oscar producers picked 29-year-old Anne Hathaway and 33-year-old James Franco to host the famed awards show this year. It was an unusual choice not only because the two are not seasoned comedians—recent hosts have included Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart—but also because they are... Read more

Blog Oct. 1, 2010 | Share

comScore Unearths Gems from the Data Mine for You!

At comScore, we are constantly mining our vast mountain of data and surfacing interesting new findings that we don’t always get the opportunity to share publicly. So today we are introducing a new website, the comScore Data Mine. This site is our way of bringing more insights to you by regularly publishing new “data gems,” which are colorful,... Read more

Blog May. 26, 2010 | Share

comScore Announces Media Metrix 360 Measurement Platform Now Open + New Program for Start-Ups

Today comScore made two very important announcements at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in NY that we are extremely excited to share with the industry Read more

Blog Apr. 7, 2010 | Share

Unified Digital Measurement™: Not Just Another Pretty (Hybrid) Face

By now, many in the digital space have heard of comScore’s Media Metrix 360 initiative. This represented a major enhancement to comScore’s original panel-only audience measurement approach, where we blend server side data with our panel data to create a more holistic, comprehensive and granular view of the digital landscape. What might not be so... Read more

Blog Jan. 24, 2010 | Share

Update on the Evolution of comScore Media Metrix 360

It’s been nearly seven months since comScore first announced the introduction of Media Metrix 360, our new panel-centric Unified Measurement of digital audiences. Our stated premise behind this initiative was to bring the digital media industry a solution which integrates server-side web analytics which do a good job of measuring total page views... Read more

Blog Oct. 7, 2009 | Share

The Dawn of Hybrid Audience Measurement

It is often said that the Internet is the most measurable medium. This is certainly true of measuring ad impressions and click through rates, which are critical elements of advertising measurement. However, measuring audiences has been far more challenging, particularly in light of the ongoing differences between server logs, which represent a census... Read more

Blog Jul. 21, 2009 | Share

A Generation Ahead

I’ve been in media research for 29 years. I’ve been an executive at Arbitron, and President/CEO at Simmons. So, by now I might know a thing or two about this business. When I joined comScore in 2007, it was largely because I had long considered the company to be the most innovative in the audience measurement space. Read more

Blog Mar. 12, 2009 | Share

Power to the People

For more than ten years, there have been debates in the Internet measurement space about panel-centric versus server-centric measurement. Recently the IAB released its Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines, a document two years in the making that will go a long way toward clarifying the measurement issues. Read more