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Blog May. 27, 2009 | Share

American Idol Predictions – Final Thoughts

Well, it looks like I came up empty on my prediction about the winner of American Idol last week, so I’ve done some follow up investigation to see where I might have erred. Read more

Blog May. 19, 2009 | Share

American Idol Searches Predict Lambert Landslide

If Americans’ search behavior is any indication which way they’re leaning towards voting for the next American Idol, it looks like it’ll be a runaway victory for Adam Lambert. Compared to other contestants Kris Allen and Danny Gokey, Lambert generated a whopping 78% of all searches for the three finalists during the week ending May 10, according... Read more

Blog May. 14, 2009 | Share

What's Driving the Decline in Search Ad Coverage?

During my keynote at the Search Insider Summit in Captiva last week, I presented some data on trends in search activity that I thought might be of interest to readers of this blog. Read more

Blog May. 12, 2009 | Share Quadruples to 17 Million U.S. Visitors in Last Two Months

Well, Twitter has done it again. Within a few short months this relative newbie on the social media scene has gone from having a modest following to being a decidedly mainstream Web attraction. Read more

Blog Apr. 27, 2009 | Share

Valencia Festival of Media

With comScore chairman and co-founder Gian Fulgoni, and comScore mobile expert Paul Goode, both speaking at the event, I travelled to Valencia last week to attend the Festival of Media. Read more

Blog Apr. 22, 2009 | Share

On Branding Versus Direct Response Advertising

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing the kickoff keynote presentation at OMMA Global Hollywood and then participated on a panel discussing the state of the advertising industry. We touched on the relative merits of direct response versus branding advertising. Read more

Blog Apr. 15, 2009 | Share

Breaking News (and Making News): Twitter Surges 131% in March to 9.3 Million U.S. Visitors!

Last week, Sarah Radwanick posted to the comScore blog about Twitter’s exponential growth curve during the past twelve months, and that the growth appeared to be driven by older Internet users. The post set off a firestorm of commentary to say the least, generating dozens of comments on our blog, pages upon pages of retweets on Twitter, and several... Read more

Blog Apr. 13, 2009 | Share

Auto Advertisers Go Digital: Doing a Good Job

Based on the results of a study comScore released two weeks ago regarding the state of automotive online advertising, we know that the industry has continued with strong online marketing efforts for SUV models - even in the face of severe financial difficulties during the current economic downturn. Read more

Blog Apr. 13, 2009 | Share

Banners Still Having a Banner Quarter

I was looking over the most recent online ad data from the Internet Advertising Bureau and discovered some rather interesting facts. The IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers (who compiled the data) reported that display-related advertising spending in Q4 2008 declined by 4.3% versus the corresponding quarter a year ago. Read more

Blog Apr. 10, 2009 | Share

Is Silicon Valley a Systemic Risk?

This WSJ article caught my eye and, at first, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How on earth could the government think that VC firms represent a systemic risk to the financial system? Has the pendulum swung so far that the government now thinks that any financial entity is a potential threat to the stability of the financial markets and needs... Read more