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Blog Jul. 1, 2010 | Share

comScore Acquires the Products Division of Nexius

Today, comScore announced the acquisition of the products division of mobile network analytics provider Nexius, Inc., called the Xplore product suite. I want to offer a few thoughts on why we are so excited about this news. Read more

Blog Jun. 22, 2010 | Share

World Cup Kick Off Drives Millions to

With World Cup play well underway, fans across the globe are paying close attention to their national teams and watching highly-anticipated matches between the best squads in the world. On Friday, June 11, the official opening day of the World Cup, global Internet penetration of reached its highest level thus far, with 7.6 million unique visitors,... Read more

Blog Jun. 17, 2010 | Share

Latin America – A Story of Growth

Earlier this week Alejandro Fosk, senior vice president of comScore Latin America, presented the State of the Internet in Latin America, which provided a look at recent region and market trends in this dynamic and growing part of the world. Read more

Blog Jun. 15, 2010 | Share

Americans Get “Smart”: iPhone, Android and the Accelerating Adoption of Smartphones

Last week was a big week in the ever-evolving world of mobile as Apple introduced the iPhone 4, its highly anticipated next generation of the popular mobile device. In the fiercely competitive and fast-growing smartphone market, the successful launch of a new product represents the opportunity to capture market share. Apple, like other manufacturers... Read more

Blog Jun. 11, 2010 | Share Traffic Builds in Anticipation of 2010 World Cup

Well, the 2010 World Cup is finally upon us as people across the globe eagerly anticipate the kick-off for the opening games. And while excitement will soon reach a fever pitch, the anticipation has clearly been mounting for the past few months. One illustration of this building excitement has been the global traffic to during May, which can... Read more

Blog Jun. 10, 2010 | Share

Changes in the Search Landscape and How They Impact Search Measurement

comScore will publicly release May qSearch data tomorrow, tracking the market share of all the major search players in the industry. We have been publishing search reports since 2003 and have watched (and tracked) many changes in the industry as it has grown to dominate the digital advertising space. Read more

Blog Jun. 3, 2010 | Share

What History Tells Us About Facebook’s Potential as a Search Engine

The number of searches conducted on Facebook has been surging over the past year, more than doubling to 647 Million searches in the US as of March. While their numbers still pale in comparison to the 10.5 billion searches generated on Google during the same month, Facebook’s footprint in search is significant enough that many in the search community... Read more

Blog May. 26, 2010 | Share

comScore Announces Media Metrix 360 Measurement Platform Now Open + New Program for Start-Ups

Today comScore made two very important announcements at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in NY that we are extremely excited to share with the industry Read more

Blog May. 3, 2010 | Share

GRPs For Digital Marketers

As an undergraduate marketing major at NYU, I took a class called Advertising and Media Planning. There was a question on one of the written tests in that class: "What are Gross Rating Points?" I answered, "Reach times average frequency." For some unknown reason, my answer was marked incorrect - an event that apparently still scars... Read more

Blog Apr. 30, 2010 | Share

Why Sun Chips’ Biodegradable Ad Campaign is Likely to Boost Sales

While the emperor may or may not have clothes when it comes to ‘global warming’, focus on this issue has certainly brought the economic and societal benefits of sustainability practices to the forefront of discussion. For the good of us all, the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are increasingly being seen as smart business. And, top marketers... Read more