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Blog Nov. 4, 2008 | Share

Whither the Click?

Last month, the IAB invited me to present a summary of comScore's Q2 2008 e-commerce trends as part of an IAB webinar where the IAB released their Q2 online ad spending data. Read more

Blog Oct. 16, 2008 | Share

comScore: The World's Fastest Growing Market Research Firm

Last month, as part of their 12th annual report on growth rates of the world’s largest market research firms, Inside Research recognized comScore as the fastest growing global market research firm over the last five years. Read more

Blog Oct. 9, 2008 | Share

Who's Right?

One of the longest running debates in the digital world is over audience measurement methodologies. Despite the fact that advertisers and their agencies largely discount Web site server-based claims of the number of unique visitors in favor of panel-based measurement of audiences, some site operators still publicly complain about panel-based measurement... Read more

Blog Sep. 12, 2008 | Share

Where is Webvan when you need them?

Internet veterans will recall Webvan, the failed online attempt to offer home delivery of groceries. Before folding in July 2001, Webvan burned through about $1 billion in capital. Read more

Blog Sep. 4, 2008 | Share

The Myth of Static IP

I’ve run into a handful of cases lately where distinct IP Address counts have been offered as evidence that comScore’s numbers underrepresented an audience. These are very easy cases to address, but their increasing frequency made me wonder if the “Myth of Static IP” – that IPs will become equivalent to Users – was undergoing some sort of revival. Read more

Blog Aug. 25, 2008 | Share

Credit Angst Still a Problem for Subprime Borrowers

As senior director in the financial services group at comScore, I’ve spent a lot of time in the past several months examining changes in consumers’ online banking and credit card behavior. Earlier this month my colleagues and I hosted a webinar entitled, “comScore Industry Insights: Credit Cards and Banking” that highlighted some pretty interesting... Read more

Blog Aug. 19, 2008 | Share

In Praise of Online Advertising

In my last Metrics Insider column, I wrote about the question of how advertising works. The column generated some great comments, and I got some very thoughtful responses via email; some of you even sent me papers on different components of ad effectiveness measurement. This week, I want to revisit the topic, and perhaps amplify a few points. Read more

Blog Aug. 15, 2008 | Share

Euro2008 Sends Flood of Traffic to (Union of European Football Associations’ site) - and the U.S. gets more excited than anyone…

Regular visitors to this particular stretch of the blogosphere may remember my first ever comScore post, which charted the influx in traffic to following the signing of David Beckham to the LA Galaxy… Read more

Blog Aug. 1, 2008 | Share

One Million Trees and Counting

I’m proud to tell you that on Tuesday comScore announced that it will be sponsoring the planting of more than one million trees through its new initiative, comScore Trees for Knowledge. The trees will be planted in developing nations across the globe as part of the incentive program that comScore uses to recruit and retain Internet users for its global... Read more

Blog Jul. 28, 2008 | Share

Consider Both Sales Lift and Reach When Using Online Advertising to Grow Offline Sales

Last week, I gave a keynote address at the 4th Annual ShopLocal Summit. is a multi-channel marketplace that houses online and offline retailer promo information. With an increasing number of retailers turning to, it has become increasingly important for retailers to not only understand the online marketplace but also how... Read more