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Blog Jun. 11, 2008 | Share

comScore Rings Up Mobile

Hi, I'm Will Hodgman one of the founders, along with Seamus McAteer, of M:Metrics. Now that M:Metrics is a part of comScore, I have to say that I feel like I have come home, again. In 1999, my first company – Ad Relevance - was bought by Media Metrix. Now, nine years later, comScore, which bought Media Metrix in 2002, buys M:Metrics. Read more

Blog May. 30, 2008 | Share

Interview with Poppy Harlow of CNN

While in New York for the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony last week, I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with reporter Poppy Harlow. We talked about everything from Google’s paid click data to the many ways in which the world’s leading companies use comScore data. Read more

Blog May. 28, 2008 | Share

Click-Through Rates for Universal Search

In previous posts, I looked at the emergence of universal search as well as the types of universal search results. Now let’s take a look at how consumers interact with the universal search results page and how they click. Read more

Blog May. 23, 2008 | Share

comScore Rings the Opening Bell at NASDAQ

I'm very proud to tell you that comScore rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ this morning. It is a special day for comScore, and I'd like to sincerely thank all of the comScore employees and clients that helped us get to this point. Read more

Blog May. 20, 2008 | Share

Mad Money's Jim Cramer Affirms Accuracy of comScore's Paid Click Data

Last Friday, Jim Cramer invited me to be on his show - Mad Money on CNBC - to discuss how some financial analysts misinterpreted comScore's paid click data and used our U.S. data to incorrectly draw conclusions about Google's world-wide performance. Read more

Blog Apr. 30, 2008 | Share

Types and Share of Universal Search Results

In January, I examined search results during a single week on Google. During that time, 17% of all results were universal search results, and 58% of those who searched Google saw a universal result at least one time. By a large margin, most saw video and news, followed by images and maps/stocks/weather. Maps constitute the majority of that final bucket... Read more

Blog Apr. 24, 2008 | Share

The Proof: comScore's Google Paid Click Data Validated

When Google announced strong Q1 earnings last week, some financial and media analysts wrote that comScore’s reports of slowing growth in Google’s paid clicks missed the mark. That conclusion is patently false. Read more

Blog Apr. 23, 2008 | Share

The Internet Goes Green

Tuesday, April 22 was Earth Day. The celebration that started in 1970 has evolved significantly from its early grassroots beginnings into a day when cities, schools and increasingly more corporations promote environmental consciousness, as well as their own reputations, within communities and among consumers. Read more

Blog Apr. 18, 2008 | Share

Reconciling comScore’s and Google’s Paid Click Data

Many investors are breathing a sigh of relief after Google announced earnings on Thursday beating the consensus street estimates. In recent months, investors have become understandably concerned that the decline in U.S. consumers’ spending could translate into a cutback in online advertising, an industry many thought would be immune from an economic... Read more

Blog Apr. 11, 2008 | Share

Online is the New Primetime

The Advertising Research Foundation’s 54th Annual Meeting and Convention just concluded in New York City. This was a watershed event, with over 700 paid attendees sharing presentations over three days. The organization is made up of advertisers, their agencies and media planning partners, the media, and market research companies. Read more