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Blog Jan. 19, 2009 | Share

Why is Google's Market Share in Hitwise Data So Much Higher than in comScore's?

I occasionally get asked this question, and I usually answer that different methodologies may produce different estimates. But I know that doesn’t really get at the heart of the matter. Read more

Blog Dec. 16, 2008 | Share

2009: The Epoch of Extended Web Content

Once upon a time, accessing content on the Web required the digital consumer to be tethered to their desktop computer, which was in turn attached to a phone line that enabled access to the Internet at blazing 56K speeds. The web-accessing Neanderthal soon became more upright with the widespread availability of broadband access Read more

Blog Dec. 2, 2008 | Share

A Tipping Point for Online Coupons?

I’ve often wondered if and when the Internet would become a major distribution medium for cents-off coupons issued by CPG manufacturers. Sure, I realize that there are concerns about the possibility of fraud if hackers figured out some way to print millions of coupons and some unscrupulous retailer tried to submit them for redemption. But, since the... Read more

Blog Nov. 24, 2008 | Share

The 2008 JEGI Growth Conference

On Thursday November 14, I delivered a keynote presentation at the Jordan Edmiston Group’s 2008 Growth Conference in New York. Read more

Blog Nov. 20, 2008 | Share

Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Conference

As the wife of the CEO, I don’t often do this, but this past weekend was not only fun, but inspiring. I’ve just had the pleasure of attending the annual Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Conference with comScore’s leaders, Magid and Gian, and Gian’s wife Sarinda. Read more

Blog Nov. 11, 2008 | Share

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Association

Last Saturday morning (at 8:30 am!), I delivered a keynote presentation at the annual meeting of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Association (CEO) in Chicago’s McCormick Place. Read more

Blog Nov. 10, 2008 | Share

Auto Site Visitor Data Strong Leading Indicator for U.S. Auto Sales

With the credit squeeze, looming recession and high gas prices affecting U.S. consumer behavior, we are increasingly being greeted with ugly headlines foretelling the failures of several core American industries, with the U.S. auto industry at the top of this list of struggling sectors. Read more

Blog Nov. 4, 2008 | Share

Whither the Click?

Last month, the IAB invited me to present a summary of comScore's Q2 2008 e-commerce trends as part of an IAB webinar where the IAB released their Q2 online ad spending data. Read more

Blog Oct. 16, 2008 | Share

comScore: The World's Fastest Growing Market Research Firm

Last month, as part of their 12th annual report on growth rates of the world’s largest market research firms, Inside Research recognized comScore as the fastest growing global market research firm over the last five years. Read more