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Blog Apr. 23, 2008 | Share

The Internet Goes Green

Tuesday, April 22 was Earth Day. The celebration that started in 1970 has evolved significantly from its early grassroots beginnings into a day when cities, schools and increasingly more corporations promote environmental consciousness, as well as their own reputations, within communities and among consumers. Read more

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Reconciling comScore’s and Google’s Paid Click Data

Many investors are breathing a sigh of relief after Google announced earnings on Thursday beating the consensus street estimates. In recent months, investors have become understandably concerned that the decline in U.S. consumers’ spending could translate into a cutback in online advertising, an industry many thought would be immune from an economic... Read more

Blog Apr. 14, 2008 | Share

Take over TV

When I first joined the media industry a few years ago, the big buzz was around “converging media.” What began as a vision of a brave new world in which magazines would be mobile (imagine that!) and toasters would read out the morning headlines, was quickly hijacked as a fashionable euphemism for the migration of content online. Read more

Blog Apr. 11, 2008 | Share

Online is the New Primetime

The Advertising Research Foundation’s 54th Annual Meeting and Convention just concluded in New York City. This was a watershed event, with over 700 paid attendees sharing presentations over three days. The organization is made up of advertisers, their agencies and media planning partners, the media, and market research companies. Read more

Blog Apr. 7, 2008 | Share

The Offline Impact of Online Advertising

I published an article in the Harvard Business Review this month, summarizing some of the work comScore has been doing with clients to evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising. As with most things in business, the return on investment is what drives future plans, especially advertising plans. Read more

Blog Mar. 28, 2008 | Share

Obama Ahead of the Online Advertising Curve

I caught an <a href="" target="blank">interesting article by Matthew Mosk in the Washington Post today</a> discussing Barack Obama’s success at fundraising online during this Presidential primary season. His campaign’s... Read more

Blog Mar. 28, 2008 | Share

Universal Search: a First Look at the Data

<p>Earlier this year on this blog, <a href="">I promised to share data about Universal Search</a>. Below is the industry’s first look at the data, shown for the first time publicly at Search Engine Strategies NYC last week on the “Orion Panel”... Read more

Blog Mar. 27, 2008 | Share

OMMA Hollywood Presentation

Last week, I gave the opening keynote presentation at OMMA Hollywood titled "Warp Speed: Online Media, Marketing and Advertising by the Numbers." In this presentation, I addressed the state of Internet advertising and the need for metrics other than “clicks” when measuring the ROI of online display advertising that is focused on brand-building... Read more

Blog Mar. 19, 2008 | Share

Interview at OMMA Hollywood

This last Monday, I delivered the opening keynote at OMMA Hollywood, a presentation titled "Warp Speed: Online Media, Marketing and Advertising by the Numbers." Joe Mandese of MediaPost caught up with me shortly after the presentation. <a href="">Click... Read more

Blog Mar. 13, 2008 | Share

Google Redux

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a comment from Willy Quintinella posted in response to my recent blog entry “Why Google’s surprising paid click data are less surprising.” Willy raises an important question when he asks why comScore didn’t include any interpretive analysis when we initially issued our monthly paid click data... Read more