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Blog Jul. 30, 2009 | Share

How To Get Brand Advertisers To Spend More On The Web

It’s high time our industry provide large branding advertisers with metrics that prove that the web offers just as much—if not more—ROI as traditional media. That’s the best way to convince them that it’s OK to shift large portions of their ad spending to the internet. Read more

Blog Jul. 24, 2009 | Share

There's Something Happening Here... And What It Is Is Becoming Clearer

I’ve been involved in measuring advertising effectiveness for much of my 40 year market research career, most often using behavioral metrics such as sales to gauge advertising’s ROI. During this time, I’ve become a big believer in the importance of reach and frequency (R/F) metrics. To me, they’re crucial in assembling a compelling media plan... Read more

Blog Jul. 23, 2009 | Share

As Print Newspapers Decline, How Does Digital Fill the Void?

You can’t help but read in the news today – ironically -- about the challenges facing the newspaper industry. In the course of the past few months, both the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer have ceased print news operations, with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer moving exclusively to the digital publishing platform. Read more

Blog Jul. 21, 2009 | Share

A Generation Ahead

I’ve been in media research for 29 years. I’ve been an executive at Arbitron, and President/CEO at Simmons. So, by now I might know a thing or two about this business. When I joined comScore in 2007, it was largely because I had long considered the company to be the most innovative in the audience measurement space. Read more

Blog Jul. 16, 2009 | Share

comScore Wins MEFFY's Mobile Business Intelligence Award

Last month comScore was delighted to receive the M.E.F. Award for Business Intelligence in mobile media, a prestigious award acknowledging the work currently being done by comScore in conjunction with the GSMA and U.K. mobile operators to comprehensively and anonymously measure the mobile world. Read more

Blog Jul. 15, 2009 | Share

A Deeper Look at Bing's Performance in June

With the release of our June search data to clients today, I have gotten many media questions focused on the Bing results since its launch in early June. With one full month of metrics available, we can now shed more light on its performance, which can be summarized as follows: It generated significant trial, was successful at increasing Microsoft’s... Read more

Blog Jun. 29, 2009 | Share

A Day in Boston at the Internet Retailer Conference

Last week, I spoke at the fifth annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Boston. In spite of the continued uncertainty of the economy and the retail market, the conference, which ended Thursday, attracted more than 5,000 attendees and 368 exhibitors. Attendance was down only slightly from the 5,200 total attendees at last year’s conference.... Read more

Blog Jun. 16, 2009 | Share

The Physics of Online Advertising

comScore’s paper “Whither the Click”, which reveals the significant positive impact of display ads even when there’s no click, is being published in this month's issue of the Journal of Advertising Research. Read more

Blog Jun. 8, 2009 | Share

Thoughts on the Media Metrix 360 Announcement at the Conversational Media Summit

Last Monday I spoke to a packed room at Federated Media’s Conversational Marketing Summit in New York, where I announced comScore’s new digital audience measurement initiative, Media Metrix 360. Read more