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Blog Jul. 16, 2008 | Share

Gas Prices Drive “Hybrid” Searches

In my last post, I wrote about how high gas prices affected traffic to and searches for “Gas Prices.” It turns out that skyrocketing gas prices also have a big impact on the number of searches phrases containing “Hybrid,” such as “Hybrid Cars,” “Hybrid Vehicles” or “Hybrid SUVs.” There were 2.74 million searches including... Read more

Blog Jul. 2, 2008 | Share

Ad Industry Reacts to New Online Media Planning Tools

The online advertising industry has been buzzing over the recent introduction of a couple of new media planning tools and whether or not they had the potential to shake up the industry. Read more

Blog Jun. 30, 2008 | Share

The Wizard of Oz had it right…

Hi, I’m Edward Hunter. I’ve been a gamer for many years and now have the perfect job working with comScore clients in the gaming industry. Read more

Blog Jun. 30, 2008 | Share

Taking the Online Video Trend Offline

I was recently privileged to be asked to appear in Adam Buxton’s excellent new BBC3 pilot, MeeBox. Read more

Blog Jun. 24, 2008 | Share

WidgetWebExpo — A Year Later

Last week, I spoke at a widget conference, WidgetWebExpo. The prior (and only other) time I’ve spoken at a conference on this topic was a year ago. At that time, widgets were just starting to get legs, so to speak, and we had just introduced a service to measure them, comScore Widget Metrix. Read more

Blog Jun. 20, 2008 | Share

comScore Radiohead Study Becomes Foundation of Harvard Business School Case Study

Many of the readers of this blog will probably remember comScore’s report on Radiohead’s “pay what you want” distribution model for their 2007 album “In Rainbows” back in November. The results of this study precipitated a lively debate in the blogosphere on the merits of this groundbreaking approach to music sales. Read more

Blog Jun. 18, 2008 | Share

Do GRPs Have a Place in Online Media?

In the fall of 1980, as a second-half senior at NYU, I was taking a class called Advertising and Media Planning. I'd already begun working part-time at Arbitron, so I thought I knew a thing or two. On the midterm, one of the questions was: "Define Gross Rating Points." I confidently answered: "reach times frequency." But the professor... Read more

Blog Jun. 16, 2008 | Share

High Gas Prices Drive Consumers to Find Deals on the Internet

Hello, my name is Ian Eccleston from the Marketing Communications department at comScore. I'd like to share with you some rather interesting comScore data related to rocketing gas prices. Read more

Blog Jun. 11, 2008 | Share

comScore Rings Up Mobile

Hi, I'm Will Hodgman one of the founders, along with Seamus McAteer, of M:Metrics. Now that M:Metrics is a part of comScore, I have to say that I feel like I have come home, again. In 1999, my first company – Ad Relevance - was bought by Media Metrix. Now, nine years later, comScore, which bought Media Metrix in 2002, buys M:Metrics. Read more

Blog Jun. 10, 2008 | Share

Great China Trip!

Last week, Gian Fulgoni and I were in China as guests of Baidu, the leading Chinese Search Engine. Baidu had invited Gian to participate in the “The Baidu World Conference 2008” in Shanghai, China on June 5th. Not only did we meet many industry leaders in China, we also got to see one of the greatest cities in China. Read more