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Why Are Millennials So Mobile?

In comScore’s latest whitepaper, Marketing to Millennials: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know, this interesting demographic (defined in the report as 18-34 year-olds) is shown to have immense value both presently and in the future. What make Millennials unique are their vastly different digital media consumption habits, which are perhaps most apparent... Read more

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Blog Sep. 5, 2013 | Share Mobile Shopping Trends in the UK

Mobile Shopping Trends in the UK

Mobile users in the UK, both male and female, are increasingly using their devices as shopping companions. In collaboration with MforMobile, we have produced an infographic to identify the latest UK mobile shopping trends and illustrate how this market has grown over the last year. Read more

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Understanding Digital Consumer Habits in Central America

comScore recently released the 2013 Study of Central American Digital Media Habits. The study features a comprehensive overview of the Central America online user’s behavior. Read more

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Blog Feb. 19, 2013 | Share 2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

Putting the Digital Future in Focus: Key Trends that Will Shape the U.S. Digital Industry in 2013

Last week comScore released the 2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus, our annual report on the prevailing trends poised to shape the U.S. digital industry in the year ahead. The report features insights from many critical and evolving facets of the digital landscape, including social media, search, online video, digital advertising, mobile and e-commerce,... Read more

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Blog Oct. 29, 2012 | Share Targeting Efficiency

Marketing to Moms Online: Campaign Norms Reveals Both Targeting Efficiency and Potential for Improvement

We’ve often heard the stat that upwards of 80% of household spending is controlled by Moms, which of course makes them a very valuable audience segment. Marketers attempting to reach this segment online must continually ask themselves, “How effective is the online channel at reaching this target audience, and how can I maximize my digital spend?” Read more

By: Andrea Vollman Tags: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Attribution, Demographics

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How African American and Caucasian Millennials Are Affected by Targeted Advertising

comScore recently released a report titled Next Generation Strategies for Advertising to Millennials highlighting results from a study of the unique characteristics of this generation and how to effectively market to them across media. Figure 1 illustrates how trends of advertising effectiveness among differing age groups have stayed consistent over... Read more

By: Jeremy Alexander Tags: Advertising, Audience Measurement, Demographics

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Digital Media in Canada: Looking Back at 2010 and Forward to 2011

2010 was a year of recovery, innovation and progress. For publishers, advertisers and agencies alike, the Canadian digital media industry was a rewarding place to be in 2010. With today’s release of the 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review, comScore provides a comprehensive summary of Canadian digital media usage, trends and user demographics across... Read more

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comScore Unearths Gems from the Data Mine for You!

At comScore, we are constantly mining our vast mountain of data and surfacing interesting new findings that we don’t always get the opportunity to share publicly. So today we are introducing a new website, the comScore Data Mine. This site is our way of bringing more insights to you by regularly publishing new “data gems,” which are colorful,... Read more

By: Andrew Lipsman Tags: Audience Measurement, Demographics, Rankings

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The Struggles of the Middle Class

The August government jobs report showed that unemployment remains stubbornly high at a level of 9.7% of the civilian labor force and rose marginally by 0.1 percentage points from July. The loss of jobs during the current recession has been deeper and more prolonged than was seen in any other recession since World War II... Read more

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Chatroulette Takes the College Crowd by Storm

If you’ve been paying attention to the blogs over the past month, you’ve probably started noticing an increasing focus on (and maybe even an obsession with?) Chatroulette. For those who don’t already know, it’s a new video chat service that randomly assigns users video chat partners anywhere around the globe, an experience that can, in theory,... Read more

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