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Data Gem May. 1, 2015 | Share

Jurassic Journey Across Screens

Dinosaur Movies

Jurassic Journey Across Screens Read more

Data Gem May. 1, 2015 | Share

The State of the European Movie Market

Top grossing movie in Europe year-to-date Furious 7 $283m. Read more

Data Gem Mar. 27, 2015 | Share

U.S. Display Ad Viewability Rates Won’t Budge, Still at 46% in 2014

Percentage of Viewable Ad Impressions US

Ensuring that online ads are viewable has become a rallying cry for advertisers and publishers have been working hard to improve their inventory on this dimension. Website design and inventory placement are being tested and optimized to make sure their ads are likely to be in-view. Despite their best efforts, display ad viewability rates did not budge... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 3, 2015 | Share

TV & Digital Video Everywhere: Measuring Multi-Platform, Time-shifted Video Viewing

TV and Video everywhere

Over the past few years, consumers have drastically altered their video viewing habits, taking advantage of the many platforms available to watch video, whenever and wherever they want. For content owners to get credit for these audiences and for advertisers to accurately plan multi-platform campaigns, the ecosystem must transact on consistent and trusted... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 1, 2015 | Share

Memorable Mom in Movies & TV Everywhere

Memorable Mom in Movies & TV Everywhere, Television's most memorable moms. Read more

Data Gem Mar. 1, 2015 | Share

Lights, Sirens, Action!

An investigation into police-themed movies & TV everywhere Read more

Data Gem Feb. 9, 2015 | Share

ConAgra Foods Increases Advertising Performance & Effectiveness, Resulting in Better ROI


The goal of online advertising is to get the right message to the right person, increasing brand favorability and ultimately driving sales. However, viewability and audience measurement have changed the online advertising game. Fortunately advertisers now have the tools needed to understand sources of waste, which they can use to increase the performance... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 1, 2015 | Share

Days of 2014 Past

Days of 2014 Past, A look back at the movies of 2014 Read more

Data Gem Jan. 1, 2015 | Share

Eyes on the Road

Car-themed movies across the finish line. Read more

Data Gem Jan. 1, 2015 | Share

Swords & Sandals

Swords & Sandals Read more