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Data Gem Jan. 23, 2012 | Share

BlackBerry Users More Likely to be Older and Affluent

The mobile industry is buzzing with news of a CEO shuffle at RIM, leading us to take a closer look at today's BlackBerry user. When compared to an average smartphone owner, BlackBerry users are more likely to be older, possess higher household income and have all or part of their mobile bill paid for by an employer. BlackBerry users over indexed in... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 20, 2012 | Share

In Europe, 10 Percent of Newspaper Visits Preceded by Facebook

In November 2011, 181.5 million unique people in Europe visited Newspaper sites, an increase of 9 percent from the previous year. An analysis of the sites visited by Europeans prior to visiting the top 5 Newspaper sites shows at least 10 percent of visits are preceded by a visit to Facebook, second only to Google Sites. (This data includes both direct... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 19, 2012 | Share

Facebook Leads by Engagement in France

Top 20 Sites France December 2011

In France, 47.8 million internet users spent a total of nearly 1.2 billion hours online in December 2011. Google Sites was the top online property by unique visitors, attracting over 44.8 million people who spent a total of 137.5 million hours on the site. During December, over 39.2 million users went to Microsoft Sites making it the second most popular... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 18, 2012 | Share

LinkedIn Financial Customers More Affluent than Facebook Users

Income Distribution of Financial Customers

A demographic analysis of financial customers who use social media reveals that a greater percentage of visitors to LinkedIn show higher incomes than visitors to Facebook. In Q3 2011, nearly 40 percent of LinkedIn users among financial customers earned an annual income of more than $100K, compared to only 31 percent for Facebook visitors. Furthermore,... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 17, 2012 | Share

Monthly Time Spent on Facebook Surges to Nearly 5 Hours in Brazil

Averahe Hours per Facebook Visitor in Brazil witnessed impressive growth in Brazil during the past year both in visitation and engagement. Not only did the site take the lead in the social networking category in December 2011, but average time spent per visitor reached a new high. Read more

Data Gem Jan. 17, 2012 | Share

Facebook Takes the Lead in Brazilian Social Networking Market

Total Unique Visitors Facebook and Orkut Brazil

In December 2011, attracted 36.1 million visitors in Brazil – representing an increase of 192 percent in the past twelve months – to surpass Orkut as the leading social networking destination in the market. Read more

Data Gem Jan. 16, 2012 | Share

Mobile Health Information Audience Jumps 125 Percent in the Past Year

Accessed Health information via Mobile Device

The audience accessing health information content on their mobile device is on the rise in the U.S., quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing content categories. Read more

Data Gem Jan. 13, 2012 | Share

Nokia Still Leading Smartphone Manufacturer in EU5

Growth of Top 5 Smartphone OEMs

During the 3 month average ending November 2011, nearly 30 million smartphone owners used Nokia devices, making it the top smartphone manufacturer in the EU5 region (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK). Nokia was the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with a 29.7 percent of all smartphones in use, but the Finnish company saw a decline... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 10, 2012 | Share

UK is the Largest Market for Health Sites in Europe

Top 5 Markets in Europe for Health Sites

Health sites attracted nearly 122.5 million unique visitors in Europe, reaching 32.3 percent of the European online audience in November 2011. The UK emerged as the largest market for Health sites such as NHS Sites and WebMD Health in Europe, with the category attracting 53.5 percent of the online audience in the country. Ireland ranked a close second... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 9, 2012 | Share

U.S. Mobile Email Audience Grows by Nearly 20 Million Users in the Past Year

U.S. Mobile Email Audience

89.6 million Americans used their mobile phone to access email for work or personal purposes during the three-month average period ending November 2011, growing 28% from the previous year and representing an additional 19.5 million mobile email users. In November, nearly 2 of every 5 mobile users in the U.S. used email (both smartphone and non-smartphone... Read more