June 12, 2011

How Many Ads Do You Watch Per Content Video?

Sarah Radwanick
Manager Marketing Communications
In April 2011, 32.6 million UK online video viewers watched a total of 5.4 billion online videos, of which 238.4 million were ads.
Online Video Ads Per 100 Content Videos Watched

In the same month, nearly 8 million females were exposed to more than 126 million online ad videos and 15.3 million women watched 1.7 billion content videos. On average, females were exposed to 7 ad videos for every 100 content videos.
Surprisingly the story is very different for men, who were only exposed to 3 ad videos per content video. In total 8.7 million men were exposed to 112 million ad videos and 16.8 million watched 3.5 billion content videos.


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