February 20 - February 23, 2013

Digital Health Communication Extravaganza

Digital Health Communication Extravaganza

Come join us for a deep dive into the digital age as it relates to health communication, education, information, monitoring, marketing, and new media. Together we will discover, discuss, and develop new methods to effectively and efficiently apply digital resources in community and healthcare settings to obtain optimal behavior changes and health outcomes.

DHCX is different from all the other conferences you attend for several important reasons. First, DHCX is designed to be an ‘advanced-users’ conference and speakers asked to aim their talks at other experts. Second, DHCX intentionally breaks down ‘silos’ to ‘cross-pollinate’ the most innovative and creative digital health ideas across diverse disciplines and networks. Third, we schedule and facilitate ample time for professional engagement to help us grow and expand our professional networks with like-minded professionals. Fourth, we mix world-class science and practice with world-class entertainment, fun, and facilities. Finally, we are capping the number of attendees at DHCX at a manageable size so it isn’t too big and chaotic.

Session Type: Presentation
Location: Disney's Yacht & Beach Club, Orlando, United States


John Mangano, VP Health Marketing Solutions, comScore, Inc.
February 21, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm Add to Calendar 21-02-2013 11:00:00 21-02-2013 12:15:00 America/Denver Digital Health Communication Extravaganza - Pixels, Patients and Prevention: How today’s Consumers Are Using the Internet to Manage Their Health John Mangano, VP Health Marketing Solutions, comScore, Inc. - Pixels, Patients and Prevention: How today’s Consumers Are Using the Internet to Manage Their Health Disney's Yacht & Beach Club, Orlando, FL, United States comScore events@comscore.com false DD/MM/YYYY
Pixels, Patients and Prevention: How today’s Consumers Are Using the Internet to Manage Their Health

With the advent of the Internet, consumers have gained unprecedented access to a wealth of information online, growing the demand for readily-available health and pharmaceutical information and impacting the way consumers make healthcare decisions. To better understand the growth in this sector over the past few years and where it is headed, comScore Vice President of Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions John Mangano will give a presentation analyzing the key dynamics shaping the health industry online.

This presentation will showcase the growth in online health information consumption over the past few years across search, video, and mobile using comScore’s proprietary audience measurement tools. This presentation will also highlight attitudinal and behavioral data from surveys and confidentially-measured opt-in panels of patients and physicians, to provide insight into the use of the Internet for health-related activities from the perspective of various audiences.
Some key questions this presentation will answer include:

  • What is the size of the online health audience?
  • What general categories of information do most online health consumers search for?
  • Are there differences in online health-related behavior between men and women?
  • What devices do consumers use to search for online health information?
  • How has mobile health information consumption grown in the past year?
  • How are tablets used for health research and communication with other patients?
  • How much of a concern is privacy for online health information consumers?

As connected devices such as smartphones and tablets enable users to go online with even greater freedom, the online health category is poised for continued growth. Health marketers, pharmaceutical marketers, policy makers, educators, and other industry players will continue to see growth in the online and mobile space as consumers become more tech-savvy about managing their daily affairs, including their health.

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