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Whitepaper Mar. 26, 2012 | Share

Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising

To better understand issues associated with display ad delivery and validation, comScore conducted a groundbreaking charter study with 12 of the world’s leading marketers. The eye-opening findings from this vCE Charter Study help to pave the way for a more accurate measure of campaign delivery that relies on validated impressions, rather than served,... Read more

Presentation Mar. 23, 2012 | Share

The Promise and Challenge of Big Data

Guido Fambach, VP Professional Services, will present some of the key issues, challenges and accomplishments in driving one of the world’s largest decision-support systems to become an engine of critical information insight and business creativity for its clients. He discusses technology and information architecture decisions behind comScore’s operations... Read more

Presentation Mar. 22, 2012 | Share

Real Time Data and Decision Making

comScore has built its business on making sense of data. As its marketplace has grown, so has the typical data set sizes it has to deal with, along with customers demanding quicker insights to make faster decisions. Hear from comScore's chief technologist about the future of decision-making technology evolving in a context where there is more data,... Read more

Presentation Mar. 1, 2012 | Share

Understanding Creative Drivers of Online Video Engagement

comScore and AOL have partnered on original research for advertisers and publishers seeking best practices for developing content that will resonate with their target audience. comScore and AOL present a review of key study findings and several case examples, which help to shed light on the types of creative elements likely to drive online video engagement.... Read more

Whitepaper Mar. 1, 2012 | Share

2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus, its annual report on the prevailing trends in general web usage and demographics, social media, online video, digital advertising, mobile and search that are defining the current Canadian marketplace and insights into what these trends mean for the year ahead. Read more

Whitepaper Feb. 23, 2012 | Share

2012 Mobile Future in Focus

2012 Mobile Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2012 Mobile Future in Focus, its annual report* examining the mobile and connected device landscape, covering several mobile markets measured by comScore, through an exploration of key trends driving smartphone adoption growth, mobile media use in categories such as social networking and retail, mobile ecosystem dynamics, and shifts... Read more

Whitepaper Feb. 9, 2012 | Share

2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus, its annual report on the prevailing trends across the digital landscape and the implications for the year ahead. The report looks at key facets of the digital universe to highlight the leading stories that are defining the future of digital consumption. Read more

Whitepaper Feb. 2, 2012 | Share

Millennials' Digital Behavior

A look at the unique characteristics of the millennial generation from data gathered using comScore’s proprietary panel of Internet and mobile phone users. This presentation quantifies exactly how the millennial generation is connected and how they are unique. Read more

Whitepaper Feb. 2, 2012 | Share

2011 State of Online and Mobile Banking

This report analyzes the state of online and mobile banking activity in the U.S. in early 2011, providing key insights into customer behaviors, attitudes, satisfaction, service usage, and mobile adoption. Read more

Presentation Jan. 31, 2012 | Share

Next-Generation Strategies for Advertising to Millennials

This webinar includes ground-breaking research from comScore, revealing the most effective strategies brands can undertake to reach Millennial consumers. Read more