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Presentation May. 30, 2012 | Share

Trends for Asia Online Retail

This presentation looks at the current trends in e-commerce in the U.S. during the first part of 2012 and what these trends mean for the future of the online retail industry in Asia. Read more

Presentation May. 17, 2012 | Share

State of US Online Retail Economy Q1 2012

comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni & VP Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman present an overview of the e-commerce spending trends in the first quarter of 2012. Read more

Whitepaper Apr. 30, 2012 | Share

The Digital Politico: 5 Ways Digital Media is Shaping the 2012 Presidential Election

Digital media has become one of the most significant game-changers in the political landscape, helping determine winners and losers in recent elections. With the realities of this new digitally dominated political environment, campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated about developing teams and strategies designed to deploy digital resources... Read more

Presentation Apr. 24, 2012 | Share

Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising: vCE Charter Study Findings Revealed

comScore Co-Founder and CMO Linda Abraham and SVP Yon Nuta present the findings from comScore’s U.S.-based vCE Charter Study, the first research study involving 12 leading marketers that provides a holistic understanding of how online advertising is delivered. Read more

Presentation Apr. 18, 2012 | Share

The Top 6 Trends Shaping Local Search in 2012 and Beyond

comScore, 15miles and Localeze present key insights from the 5th Annual Local Search Usage Study as well as discuss how marketers and search platforms can stay ahead of the ever changing local search space. Read more

Presentation Apr. 16, 2012 | Share

Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising

As branding dollars shift from traditional media to the internet, advertisers are demanding proof that their digital media plans are delivering as planned. But in the wild west of the internet things can go wrong. Brands face a never-ending challenge to digest a multitude of data, identify metrics indicative of success, and turn it into a media plan... Read more

Presentation Apr. 3, 2012 | Share

The Synergy of User Generated and Professional Video Content

A recent study conducted by comScore and EXPO provides a compelling case illustration of how using user generated product reviews, together with professionally produced videos, significantly enhances brand equity and sales effectiveness. Read more

Whitepaper Mar. 26, 2012 | Share

Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising

To better understand issues associated with display ad delivery and validation, comScore conducted a groundbreaking charter study with 12 of the world’s leading marketers. The eye-opening findings from this vCE Charter Study help to pave the way for a more accurate measure of campaign delivery that relies on validated impressions, rather than served,... Read more

Presentation Mar. 23, 2012 | Share

The Promise and Challenge of Big Data

Guido Fambach, VP Professional Services, will present some of the key issues, challenges and accomplishments in driving one of the world’s largest decision-support systems to become an engine of critical information insight and business creativity for its clients. He discusses technology and information architecture decisions behind comScore’s operations... Read more

Presentation Mar. 22, 2012 | Share

Real Time Data and Decision Making

comScore has built its business on making sense of data. As its marketplace has grown, so has the typical data set sizes it has to deal with, along with customers demanding quicker insights to make faster decisions. Hear from comScore's chief technologist about the future of decision-making technology evolving in a context where there is more data,... Read more