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Whitepaper Dec. 21, 2011 | Share

It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed

This report analyzes the current state of social networking activity around the globe, providing key insights into how social networking has influenced the digital landscape and implications for marketers operating in this social world. Read more

Presentation Dec. 7, 2011 | Share

The Value of Trust

AOP has released its latest research study - The Value of Trust, examining how trust varies across different online environments and how that impacts on advertising responsiveness. The findings are the result of a study conducted by comScore throughout September and October this year, combining a survey of more than 2000 regular online users tracked... Read more

Presentation Dec. 7, 2011 | Share

Handheld Shopping: How Mobile is Changing the Retail Environment

This webinar presents the latest trends in the mobile retail environment from the new comScore Mobile Retail Advisor report. In addition, we provide insights into today’s mobile shopper and highlight the opportunities and challenges that brands face in this evolving device landscape. Read more

Presentation Dec. 8, 2011 | Share

Best Practices for Combating Buy Down Behavior

Frank Findley and Diane Wilson review key findings from the recently released report, The Effects of the Recession on Brand Loyalty and “Buy Down” Behavior: 2011 Update. We also reveal how brands can take action to protect their loyal following and market share, as well as best practices for combating "buy down" behavior. Read more

Presentation Dec. 6, 2011 | Share

Publicité display et Media Sociaux

Abi Foldes provides insight in the role of social display ads in France and how they are changing the way display advertising is connecting with consumers. Note: this webinar was held in French. Read more

Presentation Nov. 29, 2011 | Share

A New Era for Online Video

In this presentation Marc Gosschalk highlights the changing shape of the online video market in Europe and how the industry is reacting to this. Read more

Presentation Nov. 17, 2011 | Share

A Review of Online and Mobile Trends in Europe

Mike Read, managing director of comScore Europe, discusses the big changes that have occurred online over the past 15 years, showing how traffic volumes are no longer centred around the United States. Read more

Presentation Nov. 21, 2011 | Share

The Social Media Landscape

This presentation examines the state of Europe’s dynamic social networking landscape, providing insights into trends at a regional and local market level and reveal the role of social networking for Luxury brands in Europe. Read more

Presentation Nov. 17, 2011 | Share

What Every Marketer Should Know About Social Display Ads

During this webinar Eni Kuchuku zooms in on the role of social display ads and how they are changing the way display advertising is connecting with consumers. Read more

Presentation Nov. 16, 2011 | Share

The Power of Like: Understanding the scale and importance of social media

This presentation gives an overview of social media adoption & usage in UK & Europe, mobile-specific social media behaviour and the real impact of Facebook fan volumes. Read more