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Presentation Apr. 16, 2009 | Share

The Evolving Travel Landscape: Key Advertising Recommendations to Capture the Modern Online Traveler

As the most important travel season of 2009 approaches, are you ready to capture the online audience of an evolving industry? This presentation defines how the online travel industry is changing and how you can capture more of the "visitor shift" to create truly sustainable online marketing campaigns Read more

Presentation Apr. 2, 2009 | Share

Global Expansion Opportunities in Canada, Attracting Worldwide Audiences

In today’s economic environment, becoming more sophisticated about identifying new market opportunities is critical. As an advertiser, agency, or publisher, understanding the Canadian market to attract new audiences and niche markets can be an important step in achieving economic success in 2009. Read more

Presentation Apr. 9, 2009 | Share

Mobile Internet & Applications - Gaining Momentum

With the majority of mobile consumers using cell phones for more than just talking, and increasingly smart phones setting the pace for mobile content consumption, the mobile marketplace is clearly at an inflection point. Read more

Whitepaper Apr. 1, 2009 | Share

The comScore Data Passport - First Half 2009

From emerging markets to converging media, comScore is the one global source of digital market intelligence that truly measures the digital world. Our data passport offers a brief glimpse into the vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal. Read more

Tags: Advertising, Demographics, e-Commerce, Internet Use, Mobile, Search

Presentation Mar. 10, 2009 | Share

The Holiday Hangover: Who is Winning the New Year’s Retail Race?

In this one hour presentation our in-house retail experts address the marketing, advertising, and economic issues vital to retailers as we enter the New Year. Read more

Presentation Mar. 5, 2009 | Share

Webinar Case Study: How to Determine Online Consumer Healthcare Behavior

As more and more people use the internet to research health care services and to self-diagnose symptoms, questions arise: how can healthcare providers and servicers know where to focus online efforts in 2009 to ensure that they get the right message in front of the right groups? Read more

Presentation Mar. 5, 2009 | Share

Consumer Packaged Goods: Internet Advertising Proven to Increase Offline Sales

Alistair provides special focus on accurately assessing the positive offline impacts of online advertising to illustrate the true value of online advertising. Read more

Whitepaper Mar. 4, 2009 | Share

Power to the People

Power to the People: Why Panels Are Essential for Counting People and Providing Valid Demographics for Hybrid Online Audience Measurement Services Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: Audience Measurement, Cookies, Demographics

Presentation Feb. 25, 2009 | Share

Making Integrated Campaigns Work: How a Search Marketing Mindset Can Drive the ROI of Display Advertising

Although Search is the ultimate direct response champion, greater frequency of exposure to Display ads can drive greater sales through volume of impressions. Read more

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