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April 30, 2008

comScore Plan Metrix Tightly Links Consumers’ Online Media Usage to their Offline Behavior with Enhanced Monthly Reporting

Behavioral and Local Market Segmentations Help Marketers Target the Right Audience

RESTON, VA, April 30, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced several enhancements to its comScore Plan Metrix service which improve its timeliness and audience segmentation capabilities. comScore Plan Metrix is used by advertising agencies, marketers, and publishers to link consumers’ offline behavior and attitudes with their online activity. This allows advertisers to use the Internet to accurately target consumer segments that are defined on the basis of offline characteristics. The specific enhancements to the service include:

  • Monthly Data Release – new rolling 12-month reports are available on a monthly basis instead of semi-annually.
  • Behavioral Segmentation – segments based on online behavior, such as heavy, medium and light searchers, are now included.
  • Local Market Segmentation – data for the top 30 local markets are now available.
  • Mean and Median Reporting – mean and median age and household income are reported for all audiences.

“comScore Plan Metrix is a vital online media planning tool already used by more than 200 of the largest advertisers and marketers,” said Jack Flanagan, comScore executive vice president. “We’ve responded to our clients’ needs by creating an even more timely, relevant, and powerful audience targeting tool than we offered previously.”

New Behavioral Segmentation Helps Identify Valuable Target Segments

The new behavioral segmentation capabilities in comScore Plan Metrix provide an added dimension to marketing analysis and include such segments as searching intensity. Heavy searchers, defined as the top 20 percent of searchers by search volume, are a particularly attractive target segment for marketers because they represent a way to identify and reach consumers who are in an active buying process.

To illustrate how a marketer might use an analysis of this nature, comScore examined the online behavior of heavy searchers who also own a high-definition (HD) TV. This segment represents potentially fertile ground for marketers offering complementary products and services, such as Blu-Ray DVD players or HD cable service. Interestingly, this segment of individuals was at least 4 times more likely than average to visit several financial news/information sites, with four of them – (index of 577), (index of 520), Reed Business Information (index of 441), and (index of 416) – represented within the top ten.

Top Ad Focus Entities Visited by High-Def TV Owners that are Heavy Searchers

January 2008

Total U.S. Age 18+ - Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Plan Metrix

  Composition Index*
Total Internet 100
Reed Business Information 446
FOX.COM Home Page 404

* Composition Index = % of Segment Visitor /% of Visitors for total Internet x 100; Index of 100 represents parity

“A retailer that sells Blu-Ray DVD players would almost certainly benefit from buying display ads on these, and possibly other, financial news sites,” added Mr. Flanagan. “And, even without direct click-thrus resulting from these ads, past research conducted by comScore within the consumer electronics category suggests that the brand-building effect of display ads would yield an incremental lift in brand-specific searches and paid search conversion.”

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