July 24, 2013

Kellogg’s Boosts Digital ROI to 6X with Real-Time Targeting


“What we provide for Starcom (Kellogg’s agency) is a system that provides them with a measure while the campaign is running of the frequency, targeting composition, and metrics that will help evaluate the campaign awareness and viewability,” he explains, adding that the marketer uses the tools in its programmatic buys to ensure the targeted ads are delivered most effectively, based on performance indicators such as impressions hitting the target, the targeting index and the frequency of the exposure, as well as branding metrics.

But precise targeting still faces challenges, Fulgoni adds. He points out that 30% of computers have their cookies deleted every month, which can lessen accuracy in targeting. Many machines are used by different people in a home, also throwing off the effectiveness of targeting. For more insight into challenges and opportunities in targeting, real-time buying and mobile advertising, check out this video interview.

Gian Fulgoni was a participant in the Beet.TV Programmatic Video Advertising Summit hosted by VivaKi and presented by TubeMogul.