Partner Training and Certification

comScore Academy offers training plus certification for consultants in Partner companies, as well as dedicated training for sales professionals who wish to resell comScore Digital Analytix.

Consultants learn best practices for Digital Analytix implementation and analysis techniques. Sales professionals learn best practices for comScore’s products and become skilled to pitch and demo the tools.

Digital Analytix Partners

Join our intensive partner training programs to discover how Digital Analytix advanced reporting enables online intelligence for all levels of decision making and experience how our innovative web analytics solutions accelerate business.

Certified Professional: Digital Analytix
Become a Certified Digital Analytix Professional in just 3 days. Learn how to implement Digital Analytix, segment on your client’s most valuable visitors, create customized reports, make in-depth campaign analyses and improve content and campaign targeting.
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Certified Sales Professional: Digital Analytix
Learn how Digital Analytix accelerates your customer’s business through client best practices. During the intensive half-day training with sales peers from across Europe you’ll discover how Digital Analytix superior Atomix technology enables online intelligence at all decision making levels and you experience how our innovative solutions accelerate business. After the training you know exactly how to pitch and demo the solution.
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