Action Lift™

Ditch the Click.
Measure the Real Online Actions that Matter.
Action Lift - Measure the Real Online Actions that Matter.

When you want to understand how your ad campaign performed, click-through rates aren’t enough.  Even if someone didn’t click on an ad, your campaign may have increased site traffic and engagement—and taken market share from your competition. 

Whenever we have the ability to bring a higher quality level of measurement strategy to a client, we call in comScore. They consistently go above & beyond in their efforts to delight our clients, and that makes us look good as well.
Christine Peterson VP, Digital Media Director Carat

Action Lift captures the total effectiveness of your ad campaign to quantify key business indicators and help you measure online impact.

Click-through rates and cookie-based measures of online advertising performance don’t provide the whole picture. You need to understand how your campaign drove consumer search behaviors and the impact it had on paid search clicks.

Action Lift captures share of voice taken from competition while also measuring campaign impact on search activity. Reporting extends beyond site visitation and search to also include visitation to partner sites, social media pages and other places people experience your brand. This extended visibility helps you understand the best performing locations and demonstrates how your campaigns increase interest in your brand and in the category overall.

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