Brand Survey Lift Pulse

Brand Survey Lift™ Pulse

Quick insights. Meaningful metrics.

Understanding which variables in a digital campaign are driving the highest brand lift is critical for agencies, publishers and advertisers. But oftentimes the answer isn’t available quickly enough to make in-flight optimization decisions to maximize spend and effectiveness. We can fix that.

Get immediate visibility into the branding performance of digital campaigns with Brand Survey Lift Pulse (BSL™ Pulse). This actionable, integrated and accurate solution measures the breakthrough and impact of digital advertising in real-time, enabling on-the-fly adjustments to improve targeting, maximize yield and reduce wasted ad spend.

BSL Pulse offers quick insights and meaningful metrics to help you go beyond ‘the what’ to also answer ‘the who’ and ‘the why’ questions needed to make smart optimization and future planning decisions. Benefit from an integrated solution that will answer all of your effectiveness questions in a single study, leveraging a single tag, through a single partner. Be confident in your results, which are weighted and balanced according to actual campaign delivery data, providing the most accurate picture of brand lift.  

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