Complete Viewability Measurement

Over half of online ads don’t have the opportunity to be seen.

An ad that isn’t seen doesn’t stand a chance at its intended impact. With over half of served ads going unviewed, issues with viewability create millions of dollars in wasted ad spend for media buyers and decrease the value of the inventory on publisher websites. Viewability is a key component in vCE, giving media buyers, ad networks and sellers a complete view of performance to improve the effectiveness of their advertising inventory and campaigns.

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Beyond just viewability
comScore provides comprehensive validation.

Viewability is an important dimension of ad delivery, but it is not the only factor in making sure your ads have the opportunity to have an impact. The ad validation suite in vCE, which includes viewability, brand safety, in-country geographic delivery, engagement, and removal of invalid traffic, is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

Invalid traffic skews reporting.
Get clean viewability with comScore.

Inconsistent removal of invalid traffic (IVT) as part of viewability measurement has caused discrepancies, confusion and incorrect conclusions in the marketplace. This is a big problem for media buyers and media sellers: when in-view impressions are mixed with invalid impressions, it is impossible for advertisers to get a true sense of viewability for their campaigns and for publishers to identify problems that may put their reputations at risk.

Using our advanced IVT filtration, comScore delivers viewability numbers that are free from even the most sophisticated IVT. This means your viewability is clean and represents those impressions able to have an impact.

Visit our Invalid Traffic page for more information on our advanced IVT technology.

The landscape is complex.
Your measurement doesn’t have to be.

The digital landscape is ever-evolving and increasingly complex, which can make measurement complicated and challenging. To provide clients with a comprehensive solution to evaluate viewability, comScore uses a hybrid technique. This measurement approach enables us to measure 95% of display impressions in comScore vCE.

In addition to this direct measurement, we use a sophisticated modeling technique to report viewability for the remaining impressions, enabling us to report on 100% of display impressions. This technique uses the observed viewability rates for individual placements with similar characteristics to inform our projection, allowing us to provide a full picture of campaign and inventory performance.

Redefining state-of-the-art, every day.

1. Complete viewability measurement, including cross-domain iframes and webkit browsers

A hybrid approach to viewability enables 95% coverage of display advertising viewability.

2. Viewability reporting that filters basic and advanced IVT

3. Impression-level viewability reporting that can be aggregated to fit the way you make decisions

Advertisers can view performance by creative strategy and publisher, while media sellers can evaluate sites, sections, ad slots and custom groupings.

4. Measurement across channels, including video, display and mobile

5. Consistent methods across tools for media buyers and media sellers

Media buyers and sellers are able to evaluate campaign delivery and optimize against guarantees using the same measurement methodology.

6. Daily reporting of display viewability for in-flight optimizations

An automated publisher report enables vCE users to empower publishers to optimize delivery in-flight.

7. Integration into programmatic platforms

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