Leading the Next Generation of Digital Campaign Measurement through Partner Innovation

Let's face it: digital measurement is complex. That's why comScore partners with today's leading technology and data companies to make scalable and simplified measurement a reality for our clients.

Integration Partners

These partnerships help to bring vCE data directly to the places where clients need it. These third-party integrations provide vCE clients with faster, simpler and easier access to the actionable metrics that drive their business.

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Demographic Data Partners

These partnerships provide scale to the vCE audience delivery methodology. Having multiple demographic data partners ensures neutrality and eliminates bias while enabling quicker, more granular audience delivery reporting.

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Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners

These partnership help to fuel audience delivery measurement for mobile campaigns at scale. Mobile media companies that have successfully demonstrated the ability to tag and measure mobile ad campaigns in-app are classified as Authorized Tagging Partners.

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Offline Sales Data Partners

These partnerships provide the data needed to quantify the impact of online advertising on offline sales. Sales data from these partners is applied to the Offline Sales Lift methodology to deliver in-store sales lift and ROI data to clients.

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