Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners

Expanding the Measurable Reach of Mobile Advertising

Measuring mobile ad delivery can be challenging, especially within applications. That's why comScore partners with the industry's leading mobile media platforms to accurately and holistically measure mobile ad campaigns across mobile browsers and apps.

comScore Authorized Tagging Partners have demonstrated the ability to instrument and measure in-app ad placements through vCE Mobile to determine ads delivered in-target and in-geo across their mobile inventory.

All Authorized Tagging Partners are able to measure ad delivery in-app. If these partners also have inventory on the mobile web, that can be tagged as well.

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Authorized Tagging Partner Advantages

  • Expand the measurability of your mobile assets, including applications
  • Signal to advertisers and agencies that your ads can be measured in vCE Mobile
  • Offer more granular measurement to your media buyers


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