Media Metrix

Media Metrix®

The Industry-Leading Online Audience Measurement
and Media Planning Solution

Knowing the size of your site’s audience just isn’t enough. Media Metrix provides a complete view into the consumption habits of your audience as well as your competitive set, along with demographics and cross-visitation information.

That’s why top advertisers, agencies and publishers rely on Media Metrix as the standard currency for online measurement. Media Metrix leverages comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement methodology to provide full insight into a site’s total audience.

Media Metrix offers global coverage, reporting on more than 250,000 entities worldwide with audience measurement in 44 countries and 6 regions. By measuring audience composition and performance within key user segments, you can target based on a variety of demographic, lifestyle, product ownership and behavioral characteristics.  Media Metrix serves as the currency for media planning that allows you to compare online with other media using traditional metrics such as reach, frequency and GRPs.

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Learn more about the next generation digital audience measurement solution built on Media Metrix: comScore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform. This is the industry's first multi-platform solution providing accurate person-centric reporting of unduplicated audiences for each individual media channel and in a unified fashion across all digital platforms. Learn more at