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Connect Attitudes and Lifestyles with Online Behaviors

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Demographic characteristics alone do not adequately predict consumers’ brand or category specific purchase behaviors. Media planners and advertisers require a thorough understanding of the interests, lifestyles and buying habits—both online and offline—of their target audiences. In parallel, publishers seeking to increase ad revenue require detailed intelligence that demonstrates the value of their properties relative to the competition.

Plan Metrix is a robust audience intelligence solution that provides insights into both desktop and mobile data that combines Internet users’ actual online behavior with detailed information about their lifestyles, interests, opinions/attitudes, demographics and product provide the complete customer perspective.

Connect attitudes and interests with online behavior. When your target audience is defined by lifestyle, Plan Metrix helps you create more focused campaigns based on demographics, behavior and product preferences. Find your target online with coverage across tens of thousands of digital properties and mobile apps, across multiple local markets.

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