Powerful insights needed to understand today’s tablet consumer and device landscape

The fourth screen is now mainstream as tablets join TV, PCs and smartphones as a gateway to digital media consumption. Companies across the digital ecosystem need insights into U.S. tablet users—including consumer demographics, the devices and operating systems they’re using, and the content they’re accessing.   

From device adoption to content consumption, comScore TabLens provides monthly U.S. data on tablet usage based on trusted sampling and survey methodology. OEMs, operating systems and carriers rely on TabLens to understand device adoption and trends in the tablet market. Publishers, app developers and advertisers use TabLens data to understand digital content consumption and how it varies by consumer segment, device, OS and browser versus app access.

Combined with MobiLens, TabLens provides the full picture of America’s connected consumer. To learn more about how comScore can help you compete and succeed in the digital world, contact us today.