Video Metrix Multi-Platform

because it’s show time

all the time.

Video Metrix Multi-Platform: unduplicated, digital video measurement

Digital video is everywhere, and consumers want to watch shows anytime, anywhere. As content continues to flow across an increasing number of screens, content owners and advertisers need a consistent, trusted way to transact in a platform-agnostic world. comScore Video Metrix® Multi-Platform delivers a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across desktop, smartphone, tablet and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Premium video content and advertising can be planned, bought and sold across platforms using TV-comparable GRP metrics that measure audience engagement.

Measure, Plan and Purchase Digital Video

where you know people are watching.

Measure growing digital audiences at the video media property and show level.
Compare to linear TV audiences in scale, composition and GRPs.

Know the incremental reach

of your total digital audience.

Measure incremental audience reach by adding smartphone, tablet and OTT devices.

make your audiences, content and advertising

more valuable.

Analyze content by demographics to understand differences by device.
Capture video engagement on advertising versus content.

Content owners

Showcase the value and scale of your digital video content across platforms. 

Measure Unduplicated Reach & Demography
Package Cross-Platform Video Inventory
Sell Show-Level GRPs

Measure the Total Digital Video Reach for your video content. Understand audience engagement across platforms.
Benchmark against competitors. Show more with Video Metrix Multi-Platform.

Agencies & Advertisers

Strategically plan and buy video advertising across platforms.

Find Video Audiences by Device
Plan Video Campaigns across Platforms
Buy TV-Like GRPs

Find the best video properties to meet your campaign objectives. Create smarter multi-platform campaigns.
Find the right content or platform to reach your target audience. Know more with Video Metrix Multi-Platform.

Demystify the multi-platform consumer

with single, unduplicated metrics.

Gain a complete view of digital media consumption with comScore multi-platform measurement.


Video Metrix Multi-Platform feeds into Media Metrix Multi-Platform to enable holistic digital media measurement like no other. Video Metrix Multi-Platform solves for the challenge of delivering a single, unduplicated metric for digital video audiences across all platforms by leveraging the methodology and inputs from Media Metrix® Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix®.