Enterprise Analytics

Gain insights
on all your digital assets

Managing all of your company’s digital data can seem overwhelming. Big data is often fragmented into silos across multiple platforms and tools that restrict, rather than enable analysis and decisions.

The Digital Analytix® platform liberates your data by combining the best of analytics and audience demographics to help deliver growth of your entire user base while reducing costs. Similarly, Subscriber Analytix™ provides the ability to transform mobile operator data into subscriber-level intelligence on behavior and Quality of Service experience across a carrier’s entire network.

Analytics - Flexible

Capture, visualize, and act on raw data in an open, big data environment.

Analytics - Lean

Generate a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and faster response to your shifting business needs.

Analytics - Multi-platform insights

Get enhanced multi-platform insights in one view, while integrating all of comScore’s data assets.

Featured Products

Digital Analytix Enterprise

Combine the best of analytics and audience demographics to give you unparalleled data access and visibility into the characteristics of your entire audience.
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validated Media Essentials

comScore validated Media Essentials™ (vME™) is a comprehensive measurement solution that evaluates ad inventory across a site or network of sites for strategic pricing...
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Subscriber Analytix

Subscriber Analytix™ converts mobile operator data into subscriber-centric business intelligence for Marketing, Customer Care and Network teams – all to drive improved...
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Subscriber Analytix Network

Subscriber Analytix™ Network drives improvements to network performance by connecting network and service issues to individual subscriber quality of service, enhancing subscriber...
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