Digital Analytix application, or app, measurement provides you with an in-depth view of interactions and conversion including detailed information about usage by device and type. As app markets continue to grow, it becomes even more imperative that organizations can measure their effectiveness.

Application reporting with Digital Analytix provides granular insights into the actions of your users.  Digital Analytix is able to seamlessly integrate data so you can perform analysis on traditional web data side by side with your application data.

The platform landscape is constantly growing and you need to be able to measure each effectively.  comScore offers both the technology and consulting expertise to capture application data from systems such as:

  • Smartphones (SDKs for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows)
  • Tablets
  • Television set top boxes
  • Internet connected televisions
  • Data enabled GPS devices
  • Xbox
  • Roku

Application reporting, especially when combined with Digital Analytix Live Segmentation, provide you with a precise understanding of how application users consume your content and enable a clear, comparative view of application and regular website activity.

You can analyze conversion per device brand as well. Knowing which devices your browsers use and what subjects interest them enables you to target those using an application on one of the many platforms Digital Analytix is able to measure.

Application data is also a vital component to unlocking the potential of Digital Analytx Multi-Platform.  Users will use multiple devices and gaining insights into their complete usage history is an important aspect to your analytics programs.  Learn more about Multi-Platform reporting.

To learn more about how comScore Digital Analytix can help you compete and succeed in the digital world, contact us today.