Designed for your constantly changing business needs, Live Segmentation offers unparalleled filtering capabilities to identify your most important segments. Whether filtering on browser behavior or visit trends, Digital Analytix helps you to identify your most valuable browsers in real time.

Embedded in Digital Analytix, LIVE SEGMENTATION has an intuitive, easy to use interface. Browser segments for any time period (including today) can be applied to any report.

Live Segmentation gives your organization the ability to:

  • Identify distinct browser groups to analyze their behavior.
  • Select groups based on their engagement attributes
  • Create filters with as many nested levels as required
  • Use the same filter as often as necessary
  • Create filters with your custom data points

Advanced features allow you to identify browsers with certain behaviors in one time period and then analyze their behavior in another time period.  For example, you can create a segment of browsers that made a purchase in July and see if this group also made a purchase in August.

Visit and event level filtering capabilities are also core to Live Segmentation. Visit filtering allows you to include or exclude data related to a visit, while event filtering hones in on specific events that happened during a visit.

Live Segmentation is available with Multi-Platform analysis to significantly enhance analytical possibilities when looking at browsers interacting with your content across multiple devices. Learn more about Multi-Platform.

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