The Digital Analytix platform is based on raw data processing and storage at its core. By collecting and storing data in its most elemental, granular format, you have the power to analyze business-critical data in the way that makes the most sense.

No cubes to re-configure, and no data that is “held hostage”. Just all the data you need to grow your business. Digital Analytix is the essential big data platform that maximizes the value of your digital investments

Data Collection
Digital Analytix seamlessly integrates any type of structured online or offline data, from web analytics and content management systems to point of sale records and internet-connected gaming consoles. Using both tag and non-tag ingestion methods, Digital Analytix can ensure your analytics program has the necessary data.

Data Enrichment
Digital Analytix APIs can integrate meta data from your systems in real time to enrich your data analysis providing key data attributes required for your specific business needs.

Data Extraction
When you need your data to be available in other systems, Digital Analytix provides API access to either report level data or granular data when you need to import your data into your own data warehouse.

Data Integration
Often there is a need to import data from external systems that compliment your analytics.  Digital Analytix can integrate with services such as tag management solutions, multi-variate testing and email marketing systems.  See our list of integration partners.

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