Stream Sense, our industry leading streaming content module, incorporates the most accurate and comprehensive online video analytics functionality on the market. It answers critical questions about video stream usage including click behavior during advertising messages.

The streaming module has been developed for publishers of online streaming content. It can supply powerful, real-time analytics reports on browser behavior during video or audio streams whether on demand, progressive download or live, and regardless of where the streams are hosted.

Gaining detailed insights into how browsers interact with online video advertisements enables publishers and advertisers to optimize messages and make advertising spend more effective.

Stream Sense reporting takes advantage of the full capabilities of Digital Analytix, such as segmentation, allowing for in-depth reporting before and after content consumption. Users can see how browsers arrived at a website and their on-site behavior before watching the video.

Stream Sense can be used with any major video player as well as custom players. The measurements are browser-based and no installation of plug-ins or dedicated players is needed. The ability to measure Internet video on televisions with the built-in ability to play online streams makes this the best choice for video analysis.

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