Agency Partners

comScore Digital Analytix has partnerships with leading web and interactive agencies to service joint customers effectively and create added business value.

comScore Digital Analytix Authorized Partners must meet certain criteria including having a proven record of success and sufficient qualified resources and knowledge to deliver the complete comScore service to end-user customers. comScore ensures that partner employees are educated to have the required expertise about our products and services.

Featured Partners

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bSeen is a results-based online marketing agency that helps clients generate more visitors, customers and results via search engine marketing, web analytics and conversion marketing.


Conversics Conversics is a metrics-driven e-marketing agency specialized in promotion and optimization of websites using web analytics data, marketing database analyses and online marketing testing.

Internet Architects

Internet Architects offers support on strategy, design, realization and optimization of online projects. Internet Architects was founded in 2006, it has 20 employees.

The Reference

The Reference The Reference offers all necessary services to build complete websites and portal solutions. A decade of experience allows them to mix creativity and insights to achieve the best results.


IIH Nordic

IIH Nordic IIH Nordic is an innovative digital measurement and analytics consulting firm that helps clients take advantage of their data and transform it into deep insights and strategy which empowers assertive decision making across organizations.

Peytz & Co

Peytz & Co Peytz & Co is the results-oriented digital agency. Peytz & Co helps you define your KPI's, measure the journey towards them and follow up continuously. Based in Copenhagen with an affiliate in Oslo, they serve some of the largest organizations and media companies.



Quru combines web analytics with service optimization, brand marketing and tactical marketing to get results from all digital marketing efforts.


Avaus Avaus creates business results in a digitally connected world, by combining strategy, design and analytics with technology and data.


Descom is a new breed of marketing and technology company that builds clients' competitive edge by creating an omnichannel customer experience.




FullSIX FullSIX designs, builds and executes marketing programs that enable their clients to build strong and profitable relationships with their customers through all interaction channels.


Havas Havas is one of the world’s largest advertising and communication groups that puts digital at the core of all of its businesses. Havas includes several agencies with strong local identity.


A.I.D. A.I.D. helps customers with CRM marketing, marketing strategy enhancement and the optimization and digitalization of their communication processes.

Hub Sales

Hub Sales Hub Sales is a leading online business consulting firm that provides strategic consulting and support with innovating technologies.


Pictime Pictime is one of the leading e-marketing and e-commerce experts in France. They offer e-business strategy and solutions for online retailers.

Wasabi Analytics

Wasabi Analytics Wasabi Analytics is a digitally-focused agency that helps its customers implement, customize and analyze the results of web analytics tools.


Agence web à paris Spikly uses a combination of cutting edge digital communications and business intelligence with an unmatched, unique way of combining brand experience and conversion rates.


Data agency fifty-five fifty-five is a data agency that helps advertisers leverage their data, from gathering to activation. fifty-five's data solutions help businesses through content, CRM and media optimisation and cover both software licensing and consulting.


Dymatrix Consulting Group

Dymatrix Consulting Group Dymatrix Consulting Group is a digital marketing firm and offers marketing strategies focusing on e-commerce, social media, online advertising, multi-channel and brand management.


FELD M FELD M is a digital marketing firm that offers marketing strategies for e-commerce, social media, online advertising, multi channel and brand management areas.

luna park

luna park luna park is an internet consultancy agency with competencies including search engine optimization, search engine marketing and web analytics.


Namics Namics offers a full range of professional services for e-business and brand communication, from online strategy to design, development and online marketing.


optivo optivo is a full-service provider of email marketing, including sms and fax. Its services include distribution and optimization of newsletters and e-mail campaigns.

Proximity Consulting

Proximity Consulting Proximity Consulting one of Germany’s leading consultancy firms, specializing in multi-channel communication.


Sapient Sapient helps clients innovate their businesses in the areas of marketing, business operations, and technology.


contentmetrics focus particularly on integrating Digital Analytics into the clients' business goals and the related IT-systems.



Bitbang Bitbang is a leading online business consulting firm that helps clients improve online business performance by fully exploiting the opportunities that web analytics offers.




2organize 2organize helps companies create customer value by optimising and executing customer-facing business processes.


Capgemini Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing, and local professional services.


ClickValue ClickValue is a consulting firm focused on e-business strategy and optimization. ClickValue supports its customers in the deployment of web analytics in optimizing the online channel.


Clockwork Clockwork is a full-service web agency that deals with internet consulting, web development and e-business operations.


DLVR DLVR is an online performance agency that helps its customers to achieve their online goals.


eFocus eFocus is a full-service web agency with services from effective website development to online marketing and conversion optimization.


Fabrique Fabrique is a multi-disciplinary design and communication agency specializing in consumer brands, retail, cultural, educational and governmental organizations.


Maximum Maximum is a labor communications agency that helps clients attract and retain top talent in their specific industry.


Mirabeau Mirabeau is a full-service internet agency that focuses on the development of websites and online applications.


Netprofiler Netprofiler is an online marketing agency specializing in measuring and improving online results. It advises on website usability, search engine optimization and web analytics.


Netsociety Netsociety helps its clients to be found online and to maximize profits from internet marketing activities.


Onetomarket Onetomarket helps its customers improve online results through reaching more potential customers, improving conversion and managing existing relations.


OrangeValley OrangeValley specializes in improving online return. OrangeValley helps customers deploy their online marketing budgets, increasing profits, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Prisma IT

Prisma IT Prisma IT has been helping organizations deliver improved user experience through websites and applications for the past 20 years.


Ionmoon Ionmoon is an online marketing firm that helps customers interpret analytics data and translate it to meaningful, actionable, recommendations for improvement of their online business.


Traffic4U Traffic4U uses search engine optimization to help its customers increase the number of visitors to their website. The on-site conversion process is optimized by analyzing web analytics data.


Tribal Tribal focuses on reaching and retaining online audiences through SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, web analytics, website usability, social media optimization and display advertising.


Yonego Yonego is a ROI-driven agency specialized in search engine optimization, search engine advertising, affiliate marketing, web analytics and social media.


Adversitement Adversitement specializes in assembling and processing essential organisational data from in- and external touch points.



Daemon Quest

Daemon Quest Daemon Quest is a consulting company specialized in designing and executing sales, customers and marketing strategies in both online and offline channels.


Multiplica Multiplica is an internet consulting company focused on conversion optimization, web analytics and user experience.

MV Consultoría

MV Consultoría MV Consultoría s the leading web analytics consultancy in Spain. It offers a full range of services, from measurement code setup and implementation to business intelligence integration.

Panorama IT

Panorama IT Panorama IT offers its customers a variety of services, from web analytics to search engine optimization and technical infrastructure analysis.

Grupo Elisa Interactive

Grupo Elisa Interactive The Elisa Group provides digital performance measurement, website optimisation and digital marketing optimisation solutions to some of Europe’s most successful businesses.




Alenio Alenio provides its clients with support and management in business development, organizational development, communication and technology.


United Kingdom

LBi Lost Boys

LBi Lost Boys LBi Lost Boys is a full-service internet agency that offers its clients a combination of strategy, design, technical development, application management and hosting.

Website Behavior Specialists

Website Behavior Specialists Website Behavior Specialists specializes in web, video and mobile analytics, helping clients use web analytics data to maximize the performance and make data driven business decisions.

Arena Media

Arena Media is a full service agency focused on helping clients to grow business by understanding how to change customer behaviour with a specialist division focusing on web, media and social analytics data


United States

Infinitive Analytics

Infinitive Analytics Infinitive Analytics applies proven methodologies to help customers move beyond theory and into practical and impactful digital analytics solutions. From requirements to implementation to actionable insights, our industry leading experts apply real-world experiences and creative approaches to deliver best-in-class results.


Stratigent Stratigent is the global leader in providing multi-channel analytics consulting to enterprise level brands. Stratigent focuses on transforming the way organizations leverage data to make business decisions in the digital analytics space and strives to help clients establish confidence in their web analytics data.


data analytics and business intelligence software products and services ABSi is an industry-leading company that delivers best in class data analytics and business intelligence software products and services. As a customer-focused data solution provider, ABSi has established strong relationships with its clients — Federal and State agencies, as well as the private sector companies with large volumes of data. ABSi is committed to delivering innovative solutions to its clients that realize the full benefits of large amounts of data.

Society Consulting

Society Consulting Society Consulting is a Seattle-based, data & technology consultancy who delivers unparalleled service in product development, business intelligence, and customer engagement. Society leverages data, business acumen, innovative tools, and years of experience to ensure the highest level of execution and satisfaction for their diverse set of clients. Society is here to make sure business objectives are met, the right questions are being asked, and problems are being solved.