Subscriber Analytix

Subscriber Analytix™

Translate Subscriber Data into Metrics
that Matter for Your Business

comScore Subscriber Analytix converts mobile operator data into subscriber-centric business intelligence for Marketing, Customer Care and Network teams – all to drive improved ARPU, cost and churn reduction, share growth and an enhanced customer experience.

comScore’s trusted legacy of transforming and categorizing trillions of records from consumer’s digital life across websites, applications, and devices into real-world terms is the foundation of the Subscriber Analytix Platform. Subscriber Analytix leverages comScore’s proven methodologies to stitch and transform siloed data into metrics that matter for your business, allowing carriers to capture value from subscriber big data.

Operators that Deploy Subscriber Analytix:

  • Reduce churn by identifying Quality of Service across Voice, Data and SMS from the eyes of the customer
  • Increase First Call Resolution while minimizing Average Handle Time with user-friendly live dashboards that condense raw data into relevant metrics for Customer Care teams
  • Improve ARPU by segmenting and targeting subscribers to create more relevant product and service offerings
  • Eliminate unnecessary handset returns to OEMs with comScore’s proprietary defective handset algorithm
  • Prioritize network resolution and infrastructure upgrades based on customer and sector values

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