Subscriber Analytix Care

Subscriber Analytix™


Translate Subscriber Data into Metrics
that Matter for Customer Care

Subscriber Analytix Care calculates Quality of Service for Voice, Data and SMS for frontline Care teams to quickly recognize, resolve, and prevent subscriber issues – all leading to reduced cost per interaction, decreased churn, and improved subscriber experience.

The Subscriber Analytix Care module ingests data from network elements and probes to provide real-time, relevant insight into subscribers Quality of Service. Taking this a step further, comScore Subscriber Analytix provides Business Rules that prescribe action steps for a Care agent to resolve the customer’s problem all while reducing Average Handle Time and improving First Call Resolution rates. This essential visualization layer is key to empowering Care agents to conduct educated conversations with customers and provide meaningful, analytic answers to customer inquiries, allowing carriers to capture value from subscriber big data.

Operators that Deploy Subscriber Analytix Care:

  • Reduce churn by identifying QoS and root cause analysis from factors including voice call quality, data throughput, and defective handset detection at a granular level
  • Increase First Call Resolution and minimize Average Handle Time by providing fact-based answers to customer inquiries via user-friendly live dashboards
  • Eliminate unnecessary handset returns to OEMs and save associated costs with comScore’s patented defective handset algorithm
  • Improve customer experience across both consumer and high-value business accounts

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