Subscriber Analytix Network

Subscriber Analytix Network™

Network Performance from the Eyes of Subscribers

Subscriber Analytix Network drives improvements to network performance by connecting network and service issues to individual subscriber quality of service, enhancing subscriber experience and loyalty.

Subscriber Analytix Network allows for prioritization of network resolutions based on subscriber value which enables operators to prevent high-value customers from churn due to network performance. Subscriber Analytix Network also provides visibility into ideal locations for network upgrades based on usage and subscriber value, enabling network planners to roll-out upgrades in the most lucrative sectors.

Operators that Deploy Subscriber Analytix Network:

  • Experience faster network issue resolution times for impacted subscribers
  • Connect Care Quality of Service with Network Performance Data
  • Reduce churn by improving customer experience

Subscriber Analytix Network can Identify:

  • Network Congestion Points
  • Subscriber Mobility
  • Traffic Load
  • Coverage
  • Roaming
  • Data Usages by Type

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