Subscriber Analytix

Subscriber Analytix™

Know. Grow. Monetize Your Subscribers.

With the growth of smartphones, mobile broadband cards, data sticks, tablets, machine to machine (M2M), and gaming devices, mobile operators are capturing more and more digital data points than ever before. The question becomes – how to take better advantage of digital subscriber data? 

Subscriber Analytix enterprise software platform provides the ability to convert subscriber data into differentiated intelligence for Marketing, Care, and Network teams – all to drive improved ARPU, cost and churn reduction, share growth, and an enhanced subscriber experience.

comScore’s trusted legacy of transforming billions of records across all devices and stitching data on an individual level to understand and categorize consumers digital life across websites, apps and devices combined with the ability to perform advanced analytics (business intelligence, real-time, predictive) is the foundation of the Subscriber Analytix platform. comScore’s digital dictionaries and device metadata mapping are infused into Subscriber Analytix and are unmatched in the industry in providing categorization standards utilized by enterprises worldwide. On top of this, Subscriber Analytix offers a unique proprietary defective handset algorithm and customer-driven dashboards to empower Marketing, Care and Network teams. Grow with carrier-grade analytics built for digital intelligence and action – deploy Subscriber Analytix.


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