comScore 在保护所有固定样本的个人隐私信息方面恪守最严格的准则。一旦加入 comScore 固定样本组,即表示参与者明确授权 comScore 可监控他们的在线行为,同时参与者受到业内领先隐私防护实务的保护,可严格保护他们的身份。

comScore 隐私防护实务作为隐私审计的一部分,每年将接受 Grant Thornton 的审查。这些审计将根据 WebTrust 标准加以执行,以确保 comScore 作出完整、适当的信息披露并严格遵守相关披露规定。

comScore 监控软件还获得了 TRUSTe 的“可信赖下载”认证,TRUSTe 推出专门针对可下载软件认证的可信赖下载计划,该计划规定软件必须能让消费者在知情的前提下作出选择,禁止提供任何秘密活动并以可靠的方式进行发布。

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Privacy Trust Seals

comScore encourages all individuals who consider joining our research panels to read through the wealth of information that is provided on the panel’s websites. One thing that you will notice as you look through panel websites, is that there are several seals typically posted along the bottom or right edge of the home page. Learn More

comScore Response to Edelson McGuire Lawsuit

comScore has received notice of a class action lawsuit filed by Edelson McGuire, a Chicago law firm that has gained notoriety by filing dozens of class action lawsuits against reputable companies in a variety of industries. The suit is filled with factual inaccuracies, and comScore’s position is that this lawsuit is without merit, and we fully intend to vigorously defend ourselves against it. Learn More