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二月 8, 2012

U.S. Bill Pay Activity Grows But Remains Fragmented

作者: Adam Lella
Nearly 66 percent of financial customers reported using online bill pay in early 2011, showing a 2-percent increase from 2010. Among these customers, many have not consolidated their bill pay use at a single institution. Individually, banking sites continue to attract the highest percentage of bill pay use, followed by credit card sites, and third party provider sites. However, a significant percentage of bill pay users--nearly 30 percent--use this service across all three provider categories, with many others using two provider types.

All told, a majority of bill payers continue to use multiple providers and banks. For banks, strategic investments in personal financial management or other key customer service tools could aid in driving increased bill pay activity, consolidation, and loyalty.

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Consumer Bill Pay Activity Across Provider Types

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