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Tru Optik and comScore Collaborate to Improve InDemo Delivery for OTT Advertisers

Tru Optik, the audience intelligence and data-management platform built for over-the-top (OTT) television, and comScore, a leading cross-platform measurement and analytics company, today announced a collaboration to improve in-target performance for ...
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Looking Ahead to the Voice Era

We are currently in the later stages of the mobile era, which was shaped by the shift in time spent and dollars spent from desktop to mobile. As we shift to a cross-platform era characterized by convergent behaviors, our Director of Client Insights A...
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Introducing Expanded Mobile and Multi-Platform Measurement in Malaysia with Mobile Consumer Panel Data

This presentation, by our Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Joe Nguyen, and Vice President, Southeast Asia, Jonah Ken Tan, follows the announcement of major upgrades to multi-platform and mobile measurement in Malaysia, with the introduction of mo...
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Video Blog: Top 3 Insights from the "State of OTT"

Mike Rich, comScore VP, Emerging Products, highlights key takeaways from the "State of OTT", a presentation given in June 2017 that provides in-depth insight on the OTT market – including viewing behavior, device growth, and competition a...
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Introducing New Multi-Platform and Expanded Mobile Measurement in India

This presentation follows the launch of MMX Multi-Platform for a holistic view across desktops, smartphones and tablets, as well as major upgrades to Mobile Metrix to enable more robust reporting of mobile audiences, with the introduction of mobile c...
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Quick-Service Restaurants

Quick-Service and Fast Casual Restaurants trust comScore to help them discover opportunities to reach consumers in a flat market and understand the impact advertising-by-medium is having on the brand and sales.
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Automakers seeking to influence consumers trust comScore to help them better understand the full purchase journey and improve the impact of content exposure across mediums along that journey.
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Les commandes de produits de grande consommation decollent sur Amazon

Saviez-vous que plus d’un quart de toutes les transactions effectuées sur concernaient des produits de la catégorie PGC ? Si vous souhaitez comparer avec votre entreprise ou consulter d’autres données sur la manière dont Amazon est ...
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How Important is the OTT Device Market if the Future of TV is Apps

When Apple CEO Tim Cook declared in 2015 that “the future of TV is apps,” he was referring to a future where a majority of TV viewing is streamed over-the-top (OTT) via online apps. While we’re not there yet, over the past few years OTT viewing...
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comScore Becomes the First Company to Receive ABC Certification for Video Viewability Measurement

comScore today announced that it is the first company to be granted certification by ABC to JICWEBS Principles for video viewability measurement in validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®). This certification expands on the solution’s existing ABC-...
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