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Powerful Insight for Optimal Wireless Network Performance and Utilization

The recent acquisition of the Xplore family of products from Nexius expands comScore’s offerings in the mobile marketplace, providing analytics that mobile operators use internally to build smarter networks and improve customer care.

Xplore products provide operators with visibility and command over how the network impacts the customer experience. comScore Xplore provides a unique and unmatched ability in the industry to quickly extrapolate, correlate, and render, in a standardized & intuitive way, information from disparate point products and data stores across the communications providers cross functional organizations. With Xplore in place, engineers, managers and executives across the organization are now armed with easy access to their own data, as well as cross correlated data that paints a complete picture of their own environment, the customer’s experience, and any gaps between the two.

Xplore Managers

With Xplore at the core aggregating data, comScore offers a suite of Xplore Managers that provide correlation and analytics for specific disciplines and present relevant data to various groups. The Xplore Managers include:

  • Xplore Performance Optimization Manager – Provides a single source of all network information for local and national optimization/design engineers, and managers.
  • Xplore Configuration Manager – Provides a comprehensive view of all configuration data combined with the ability to take action on configuration items.
  • Xplore Capacity Planning Manager – Provides Planning Managers with correlated capacity and market information to give a broader understanding of market drivers and customer profile in different constrained sectors.
  • Xplore Customer Support Manager – Enables Customer Support representatives to evaluate the performance of individual subscribers or enterprise business accounts and quickly address performance issues being experienced and proactively offer the customer a tangible solution.

Xplore Modules

Each Xplore Manager has a number of Modules available for additional focus on specific areas of improvement necessary by the operator. For example, our Xplore Configuration Manager offers the following Modules:

  • Configuration Audit, Viewing & Compliance Reporting
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Site Management
  • Neighbor Management
  • Equipment Management

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